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Specialty Pumpkins and Gourds-How to “Carve”

Posted by on October 17th 2017 in blog

carving gourds pumpkins

Specialty Pumpkins and Gourds

With their thick, tough outer shells, specialty pumpkins and gourds can be so much tougher to carve than a traditional jack o’lantern pumpkin. But they would look so cool glowing from within! Power tools to the rescue! (To clarify, a specialty pumpkin is a pumpkin that is unique and quite different that a traditional orange field pumpkin. Some are blue, white or red. Some are lumpy and others are long and shaped like a tube.)

1. Specialty Pumpkins and gourds
2. Power drill
3. Different sizes of drill bits
4. Pumpkin carving knife and scoop
5. Votive candle or battery operated votive

1. Choose your pumpkins and gourds.
2. Use a power drill, a large drill bit, and a pumpkin carving knife to make a hole on the bottom big enough to scoop out the insides. Remove seeds and flesh.
3. Using a smaller bit, drill holes all over the surface of the pumpkin or gourd, in a pattern or randomly.
4. Wipe the exterior clean and place the gourd over the votive.
5. Enjoy!

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