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Scented Greens. That smelly time of year!

Posted by on November 9th 2017 in blog

Eucalyptus Pods and Pine Boughs

Scented Greens

Delightfully scented, that is. This pre-holiday season, late fall is known as one of the more aromatic times of the year. Indoors, scents such as cinnamon baking and rosemary roasting make you feel all cozy and warm inside. The outdoor decorating pieces each are uniquely fragrant. Juniper and the pines tingle your nose, eucalyptus and cedar are rich with nasal opening side effects. It’s all so exciting to breeze by, handle and decorate with.

The trees and wreaths are differently scented too. Balsams are traditionally the more fir smelling of all the greens, crisp and clean.  Noble would be second on the aroma scale and Fraser third.  On our xmas tree lot, Sunnyside sells a Canaan fir that is strongly scented and can rival the Balsams in a nose to nose contest.

If you are interested in bringing some green aroma therapy into your home, talk to our staff to find out more of what Sunnyside has to offer.

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