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Name That Plant

I bought a succulent plant @ Sunnyside, this past Sunday, and it is about 8″ tall, it is…

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Dying Elijah Blue Fescue

In March we planted Elijah Blue Fescue along the border of a bed in front of our church…

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Grub treatment timing

How late in this 2012 season will grub treatment be affective? —Christine

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Hedge Options

I have an aging and sick hedge on the edge of our property in the front yard that…

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Stopping Thistle

Hi. I have a thistle problem in the back corner of my lot. We’ve weeded, sprayed, weeded, sprayed,…

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Indoor Herb Garden

Hello! I bought a couple of herbs from Sunnyside Gardens about a month ago. I wanted to build…

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Plant Name-Sansevieria braid

You have had a braided tall succulent for sale in the past 2 years. It was a tall…

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Perennial for walkway

I am looking for two or three perennials to plant along our walkway that gets full sun. I…

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Blue Hydrangeas

We planted 3 endless blue hydrangeas 7 years ago . They always have tons of leaves but not…

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Transplanting Poppies

If I move a perennial poppy plant will it bloom this summer? Should I wait until after it…

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Winterizing Lavender

Hi, Do I need to take extra precautions to protect my lavender over the winter, or will it…

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Hosta splitting

Should you split and transplant Hostas in the spring or can you also do it in the fall?…

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When to plant Bulbs

When should I start planting bulbs? —Amy

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Mulch much?

Next year, I SWEAR I’m going to mulch my gardens. I’ve seen some very pretty coconut shell (I…

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