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Ask The Expert Archives


Tall cacti

Posted by on March 22nd 2017 in

I have some cacti growing indoors that are flopping over as they grow taller (8-10″). I have been propping them up with wooden skewers but would prefer to see them standing tall and proud on their own. Can they be re-potted and sunk several inches into the soil? Would they sprout new roots below the soil? Or would that cause them to rot from below? Thanks and I’m getting a…

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Watering Spring Flowers

Warm Fall

Posted by on August 27th 2016 in

I heard on the weather, that the next three months will be warm.. into October, how do you think that will affect our perenials?

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Buxus 'Northern Charm'

Snow Burn

Posted by on November 1st 2015 in

  We had lots of snow burn on our arborvitae last year. We didn’t know we should have covered them.  What can we do to prevent this?

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Miner bee

Neonicotinoids and Bees

Posted by on March 25th 2014 in

Hi! I understand several Twin Cities garden stores (including Bachman’s and Gerten’s) are no longer stocking plants that have been treated with neonicotinoids, as these chemicals may be responsible for killing bees and other pollinators. My family and I have been buying many of our plants from Sunnyside for a number of years now, but in order to continue as customers we would need a promise from you that you,…

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Time to Plant

Posted by on October 21st 2013 in

Is it safe to plant ornamental grasses now–October 18? How late can into the Fall can Gro-low fragrant sumac be planted? Thank you.

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Hydrangea 'Quick Fire'

Hydrangea – poor blooming

Posted by on September 29th 2012 in

My ‘Quick Fire’ Hydrangea bloomed very poorly this year. It had many flower buds but only a few in each cluster bloomed. It gets about 6 hours of morning sunlight. Since this year was so hot and dry, I watered the hydrangea (and other shrubs/trees) about every 3 weeks. I can’t remember when the last time it was fertilized. Do you think the heat and lack of rain has something…

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Grass Blades


Posted by on September 17th 2012 in

When is the best time to spray my lawn for crabgrass?? —Jerry

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Hakonechloa 'Sweet Shot'

Ornamental grass that works in shade?

Posted by on August 25th 2012 in

Hello, I would love to plant lots of OGs and prairie grasses in my backyard but the problem is my backyard is very shady. Is there anything out there that will work for me? Thank you, Sarah —Sarah

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Perovskia atriplicifolia in Garden Bed

Leaning Russian Sage

Posted by on August 14th 2012 in

My Russian Sage is not standing upright like the neighbors. Why is it laying down? —Jerry

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New Pee Gee Hydrangeas

Posted by on July 13th 2012 in

Hi, I just purchased two new pee gee hydrangea trees a week ago. They are both showing some yellow leaves on the interior of the plant. They are planted in great soil and I have been watering them well while they adjust to their new location. One plant had a few yellow leaves when we bought it but it now has many more. Any ideas what this is and if…

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Ornamental backyard fun

Posted by on June 23rd 2012 in

I have a teeny-weeny backyard with one enormous oak tree. Really, enormous. It shades parts of the yard back there, but there is sun, too. I think I would like to plant a tree in the back — I\’d love to plant an ornamental crab tree or maybe a red berry tree. (Winterberry?) Anyway, does an ornamental tree have a chance in a teeny-weeny backyard where the alpha tree is…

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Shrubs for Shade?

Posted by on June 23rd 2012 in

We have a very shaded area in the back of our yard, and are looking for some shrubs that would help provide a screen between our yard and the neighbor’s. Any suggestions for something that would grow around 6′ high (ideally) and be happy in the undergrowth of several trees? —Lauri Kraft

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Name That Plant

Posted by on June 23rd 2012 in

I bought a succulent plant @ Sunnyside, this past Sunday, and it is about 8″ tall, it is varigated and has tiny flowers on it that resemble candy corn. I asked what the name of the plant is as it had no plastic tag, and no one knew, I was hoping that someone could find out this information for me? —Sharon

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Dying Elijah Blue Fescue

Posted by on June 17th 2012 in

In March we planted Elijah Blue Fescue along the border of a bed in front of our church along with double red knock-out roses, Stella D’Oro day lilies, Bird’s Nest Spruce, Dwarf Norway Spruce (Little Gem), and Midget Arborvitae. Someone set the automatic watering schedule for 5 minutes, 4 times a day because we were experiencing mild drought and heat. Most of the plants have done well but the Elijah…

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Grub treatment timing

Posted by on June 7th 2012 in

How late in this 2012 season will grub treatment be affective? —Christine

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Hedge Options

Posted by on June 7th 2012 in

I have an aging and sick hedge on the edge of our property in the front yard that runs from the street to the house, approx 3 ft in from the driveway (3’high). It gets good sun. What do you recommend for a replacement that has interest much of the summer/fall? —Cynthia

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Stopping Thistle

Posted by on June 7th 2012 in

Hi. I have a thistle problem in the back corner of my lot. We’ve weeded, sprayed, weeded, sprayed, etc. and it still comes back. Any suggestions on what we can do to get this menace out? We are in the process of landscaping and would like to make sure it’s gone before adding the mulch to the area. Thanks! —Roberta

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Indoor Herb Garden

Posted by on June 7th 2012 in

Hello! I bought a couple of herbs from Sunnyside Gardens about a month ago. I wanted to build an indoor herb garden, as I do not have a yard. The mint is doing very well, but the rosemary and chives are faring poorly. I planted the rosemary and chives in a planter box, but there is a powdery mold on the rosemary that is slowly working its way into the…

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