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Posted by on December 10th 2010 in blog, News

When You First Bring Your Poinsettia Home Information shared from Light – Place it near a sunny window. South, east or west facing windows are preferable to a north facing window. Poinsettias are tropicals and will appreciate as much direct sunlight as you can provide. Heat – To keep the poinsettia in bloom as long as possible, maintain a temperature of 65 – 75 degrees F. during the day.…

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Posted by on October 17th 2010 in blog

Late October is a delightful time here at Sunnyside – we tuck our perennials in for their winter slumber, JR brings back his infamous Arnold Schwarzenegger impression, we help kids find their perfect Halloween pumpkin, and, of course, the fun, silly and much anticipated Pumpkin Derby. A tradition started years ago, the derby involved staff decorating pumpkins, figuring out how to attach wheels and racing them down a large ramp…

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Fall Gardening Tips for October

Posted by on October 7th 2010 in blog

Here are some useful tips for fall gardening in October. -Wrap all young trees with tree wrap -Tip tender garden roses by late October -Water all of your trees, shrubs, and evergreens thoroughly before the ground freezes -Prep your garden for next spring by adding peat, compost, and other soil amendments -Keep mowing your lawn to prevent snow mold next spring -Empty clay, terra cotta, and glazed pots to prevent…

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King Tut Papyrus

Posted by on August 31st 2010 in Ask the Expert

Hi Joyce, They fuzzy topped plants on green stems are King Tut Papyrus.  An amazing, vigorous plant that prefers wet soil and can thrive in pots or in the ground.

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Refrigerator Pickles

Posted by on August 5th 2010 in blog

What to do with all the cucumbers! Pickle them the easy way: 7 cups sliced cucumbers(unpeeled), 1 cup green peppers diced, 1 cup onion slivers, 1 tsp celery seed, 2 T salt, 2 cups sugar, 1 cup white vinegar. Dump all together and refrigerate…stir or tip the sealed bowl over now and then. Add cucumbers to the brine as you eat them. They are yummy and last a long time.

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My Love of Red Cabbage

Posted by on July 29th 2010 in blog

For several weeks now Turnip Rock CSA has been dropping off veggies at Sunnyside for our local CSA subscribers.  Friends know me best as a pretty unrestrained eater, so as a result I have taken a very active role in trying to find new ways to consume all the lovely organic veggies that keep landing in my fridge.  Recently I have a been craving red cabbage and find myself hoarding…

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Mike’s Pick of the Week

Posted by on July 13th 2010 in Home Module

When you own a bustling garden center like Sunnyside, you get introduced to a lot of neat plants, products and ideas.

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Ask the Expert

Posted by on July 13th 2010 in Home Module

You have questions, we have answers. Let us know how your gardening experience is going.

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Annual container

Custom Containers

Posted by on July 12th 2010 in Home Module

Sunnyside specializes in custom container plantings. Call today to schedule our designers to visit your home 612-926-2654.

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Perennial of the Year: Baptisia Australis

Posted by on June 2nd 2010 in blog

Don’t let its name fool you – the wonderful perennial Baptisia Australias isn’t from Australia – it is actually a great winter hardy perennial native to Southern Canada and the northern United States. A member of the pea family, Baptisia gets its name from the Greek word ‘baptisis,’ meaning “immerse, soak or dry” and refers to the indigo-blue pigment obtained from its leaves and often used for dyes. Also called…

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vines & beetles

Posted by on May 20th 2010 in Ask the Expert

Hi B.Q., It sounds like you might have a problem with Japanese Beetles attacking your vines.  We’re also guessing that the vine you have might be a Boston Ivy, since you mention the brilliant red color in the fall.  The good news is that we carry a systemic insecticide product, developed by Rainbow TreeCare, called Xytect that may be just the solution for your problem. Although Xytect can be applied…

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Kitchen Gardening

Posted by on May 10th 2010 in blog

Now is the time of year to get ready for planting your kitchen garden.  Sunnyside Gardens has a huge selection of starter plants and seeds for you to choose from. We have the veggies- tomatoes, peppers, onions, lettuce, beans, peas, etc. AND the herbs- sage, basil, rosemary, thyme, and all the others to make a perfect compliment for healthy tasty meals. The easiest way to get a great garden kitchen…

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Why Are We Wearing Pink Gloves?

Posted by on April 29th 2010 in blog, News

You may notice something strange afoot at Sunnyside these days (week?) and no, it’s not just JR’s new hairdo. Everyone is sporting the stylish Pink, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Nitrle Touch gardening glove. The staff at Sunnyside is excited to raise awareness for breast cancer research (not to mention protect our hands from the daily blisters of gardening!). We are encouraging our customers to join our pink glove…

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Twin Cities Residents: New Requirement to use Compostable Lawn Bags

Posted by on April 15th 2010 in blog

If you haven’t caught wind of the new requirement to use compostable bags for your lawn waste, you are probably not alone.  The short of it is, as of Jan. 1st 2010, residents of the Twin Cities area who bag their yard waste for pick up need to use biodegradable compostable bags, rather than the traditional black plastic lawn bags.  This requirement affects residents in the following counties: Anoka, Carver,…

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creeping charlie

Posted by on April 14th 2010 in Ask the Expert

Hi Caroline, I’ve not come across an organic solution to keep creeping charlie at bay. In my experience, pulling by hand seems to be most effective. Please write back if you find something that works that I can recommend to the customers at Sunnyside.

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What's in a pansy

Posted by on March 31st 2010 in blog

For Minnesota gardeners a pansy is a welcome and exciting sign of spring.  The staff here at Sunnyside has even dubbed a term for the joy that the pansy and the coming spring it signifies: Pansymonium! In a stark and colorful explosion the first pansies obliterate the white doldrums of the winter and kick our spring here off in an excellent way. From the Greek word ‘pansee,’ to think, the…

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