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Calibrachoa hanging basket
White Orchids
Earliblue berry cluster


Cabin Plant Guide-Zone 3

Posted by on June 29th 2015 in Ask the Expert, blog, Featured

Sunny Penstemon Peonies Phlox Dianthus Rudbeckia Perovskia Salvia Sedum (above) Scabiosa Lamium Yarrow       Shady Sedum (or sun) Cinnamon or Ostrich Ferns Hosta Painted Fern (above) Daylilies Geraniums Alchemilla Deer Resistant Nepeta All Ferns Asclepias (zone 3 or 4) Allium Echinacea Achillea

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Annabelle Hydrangea path

Blooming in a garden near you!

Posted by on June 28th 2015 in blog, Featured, Home Module, News

This week in the garden.  The first week of July is upon us, what do you see? What’s blooming around town is here in the store.  Bring us photos of your favorite plants as you cruise around Minneapolis—we can ID your pics and help you select the same samples for your home garden. You’ve been seeing a lot of white pom poms that are the signature of the traditional Annabelle…

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Watering Spring Flowers

The Garden That Keeps On Giving – Perennials

Posted by on May 31st 2015 in blog, Featured, News, Plants

You know what’s awesome? Gardening (you had to see that coming). You know what’s awesome-r? When your garden gardens FOR you. Every gardener has a few tricks up their sleeves, but the all-time champion is when you find a perennial that you really love. Perennials become a true expression of your style. They are also much more than a simple fixture in your garden. Think about it, as you grew…

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Vegetable and Seed Display

I Feel Good From My Head Tomatoes – Veggie Gardening

Posted by on May 31st 2015 in Ask the Expert, blog, Featured, News, Plants

Veggie gardens are a great way to have affordable, healthy produce all summer long. From beginner to expert, these gardens can be very rewarding. Here are a few tips to get you started. Get your plants some friends. Have you tried companion planting? Once you have an idea of what plants you’d like included in your backyard grocer, do a quick Google search to see if your combos play well…

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Go Tropical Postcard

3 Reasons You Need to Go Tropical This Summer

Posted by on May 26th 2015 in blog, Featured, News, Plants

We love tropical plants. What’s not to love? The color, variety, and creative possibilities make these plants very attractive to both the experienced as well as the beginning gardener. So why do you need to go tropical this summer? It’s not the heat so much as it is the humidity. Minnesota summers are ideal for tropical plants. If you’ve heard (and we all have) “it’s not the heat so much…

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Potted Basil

10 Plants You Didn’t Know Repel Mosquitoes

Posted by on May 13th 2015 in Ask the Expert, blog, Featured, News, Plants

“Minnesota has two seasons, winter and road construction.” “We’ve got 20,000 lakes when it rains.” “The state bird? Mosquito.” We have a saying for everything and have heard it all as Minnesotans. We know that in this land of abundant lakes and short, humid summers, we’re going to have mosquitoes. We spend serious time and energy fighting the mosquito battle each summer season.   So what if we could make…

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Herbs and Veggies on Cart

It’s About That Thyme: Herb Care & Food Pairings

Posted by on April 27th 2015 in Ask the Expert, blog, News, Plants

As Minnesotans, we know how short summers can seem. We tolerate grocery store greens most of the year, and look forward to the season where we can pick our own to throw on the grill, in a salad, or even use around the home. With the season changing before our eyes, it’s smart to plan ahead and map out our gardening plans so we can make the most of our…

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Flavorama Sign

Herb Gardening

Posted by on April 25th 2015 in blog

How do you grow your herbs?  Rosemary pots, french tarragon baskets, garden chive rows, hanging thyme, herb knots,  A few different methods come to mind for perfect herb gardening, all herbs are a delight to taste, touch, smell, and see. Remember to think about the herb properties when picking it’s summer home.  For example: -Chives thrive in the ground and will over winter year after year.  So in ground is…

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Tree Planting

Posted by on April 24th 2015 in News

Oh happy trees that we plant today, What great good fortunes wait you! For you will grow in sun and snow Till fruit and flowers freight you. Your winter covering of snow Will dazzle with its splendor; Your summer’s garb with richest flow, Will feast of beauty render. In your cool shade will tired feet Pause, weary, when ’tis summer; And rest like this will be most sweet To every…

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'Golden Lights' Azalea

Which one are you going to take home?

Posted by on April 18th 2015 in News

Here’s just a quick list of “car stoppers” that I saw this morning on the way to work.  The blooms are loud and proud on the Forsythia, Magnolias, Rhododendrons, and Azaleas.  I’ll link a few photos to help share my excitement for the spring season.

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Mini Moss Basket Arrangement


Posted by on April 8th 2015 in blog, News

Pansymonium isn’t just a rad word, it’s a feverish feeling or affliction that should be treated with increased amounts of time spent outdoors enjoying the world around you. It’s safe to say that Spring in Minnesota is contagious.  I’m just like you when it comes to wanting to upgrade my grey dormant yard to something spectacular.  I start with the entrances to my home, front and back with some simple…

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Now Hiring Employment

Sunnyside Wants You

Posted by on March 25th 2015 in blog, Media

Sunnyside Gardens is looking for talented gardeners to join our Landscape and Maintenance team.  We are seeking motivated individuals who can convey a superior standard of customer service and implement a wide range of landscape improvements to our clients. Learn more about the positions we’re looking for: Landscape Foreman Head Gardener Sunnyside Gardens offers a unique, friendly workplace doing exactly what you love. We have a cool, urban garden center…

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Grass Blades

Spring Turf

Posted by on March 9th 2015 in blog, Featured, News

How do I give my lawn a fighting chance? Great lawns need food, water and the occasional reseeding and weed prevention.  Early Spring lawns need a little time to regain their strength; it’s best to hold off from raking until you see substantial green to avoid ripping the dormant grass from it’s place. If you have an abundance of rabbit poo hanging around your lawn, like I do, use a…

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White Poinsettia

Why do we decorate?

Posted by on December 12th 2014 in blog, News

We decorate for parties, for visitors, to express our joy for the season, to have a little fun with our homes and our spaces,  to create a wonderland for young children and to evoke some oooos and ahhhhs even from ourselves–Nothing quite compares to the quiet calm of a dark morning as you take in the glow of the holiday lights and sip your coffee. You don’t need to be…

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Christmas Tree

The trees have landed

Posted by on November 21st 2014 in News

North Carolina grown Fraser firs.  Wisconsin grown Balsam firs and Canaan firs.  Wild, un sheared Fraser firs.  

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Magnolia bundles

50th and France

Posted by on November 5th 2014 in blog, News

The containers at 50th and France are stunning!  Here’s the simple recipe for you to get the same look. 3 regular tree tops 3 large tree tops 2 bunches of boxwood 2 bunches of magnolia 1 med. Bunch of curly willow 4 sugar cones    

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Weekend Garden Warrior Plan

Posted by on October 20th 2014 in blog, News

The time you get to spend with family and friends on the weekend, or whatever your days off end up being, go quickly. We don’t want to be unrealistic about setting you up for hours upon hours of garden labor, but we want to save you time in the spring by offering some suggestions about what to do now to be successful. Quick tricks to get your yard prepared for…

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Decorated Pumpkin

Pumpkin Derby October 18th, 11am

Posted by on October 11th 2014 in blog

Come one, come all! The 6th annual Sunnyside Gardens Pumpkin Derby is sure to be a blast! Anyone can watch, but here’s how to participate… 1.Get a pumpkin (any size) and make it mobile by attaching wheels to it or IT to wheels. Note: The derby car cannot be motorized or electrically charged to move in a forward or backward direction.  The derby car cannot be messy beyond the confines…

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Fall Planter

My favorite container of the season…so far

Posted by on September 15th 2014 in blog

  I love all the elements of this foliage planter.  Kale is not only trendy, but gorgeous too.  We just decided to mix and match some complementary leaves and colors to accent the purples and blues of the kale.  The croton looks electric!  Your eye travels immediately toward the funky yellows and oranges.  All those bold leaves have an airy backdrop of princess grass and tiger sticks..

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Mini Moss Basket Arrangement

Sarah’s Summer Planter

Posted by on June 5th 2014 in blog

Sarah shows us what goes into her favorite planter at Sunnyside this week. She began by choosing plants that, while common separately, together create a truly exceptional summer planter. Using purple Fountain Grass, Pandanus Plant, New Guinea Impatiens, Echeveria, Wire Vine, trailing Alyssum, and lemon-lime Petunias, Sarah constructs a beautiful showpiece that will continue to evolve beautifully all summer long. With variations in height, color, texture, and placement – this…

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