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Planting what’s right.

Posted by on May 22nd 2013 in News

Choosing what perennials to plant and where to plant them are the questions that everyone is asking. And what do I need to do to keep my perennials healthy all season?  Here at Sunnyside we have selected our favorite, BEST performing perennials to have on sale.  These garden must haves are zone hardy and known to be extra tough growers.  Our list changes with current availability, so check in the…

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Herb Care

Posted by on May 13th 2013 in blog

Choosing herbs for your garden can be quite a pleasant chore. If you’re gardening with herbs to accentuate your cooking, you will want to select some of the staples like Basil, Thyme, Oregano, Dill, Marjoram, Stevia, Rosemary and Tarragon. In general, herbs like full sun and quite a bit of space to grow and spread out.  In some cases where your garden bed doesn’t get direct sunlight or if you…

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Flavorama! Herb Care 101

Posted by on April 29th 2013 in blog

Sun, heat, water, trimming and organic fertilizer. Sun: Herbs thrive in a sunny location and become difficult to keep healthy when put indoors or in shady places.  In addition to stimulating leaf production, the sun will dry damp foliage and keep fungus problems at bay. Heat:  In many southern climates the herbs that we grow here in MN only in the summer are perennials.  Don’t get jealous, we just need…

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Posted by on April 18th 2013 in blog

Few things are as exciting here as getting our first shipment of Pansies.  The smell of the plants and soil and the bright colors are so welcome!  The timing of the pansies coincides with a low grade gardening fever we’ve come to call Pansymonium!  Pansies can tolerate cold, but did you know that there are a handful of plants that work great in containers with pansies and can also tolerate…

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NOT gardening weather. IS seeding weather.

Posted by on April 9th 2013 in News

You can get your green thumb groove on, even with 5-10 inches of snow in the forecast. So it goes, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature. The always sunny staff are anxiously unpacking and setting up the garden center for spring (in our long johns and winter hats, I must mention). So I have no idea what everyone has in mind to help keep your spirits up, but…

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Succulent Gardening

Posted by on March 26th 2013 in blog

We take all sorts of gardening seriously around here. It’s no coincidence that our first group of plants to arrive would be some of our favorites, the succulents. If we can’t dig outside, we can certainly green up the indoors, right?! With the sun getting higher and daylight hours lengthening, we can more safely care for our houseplants. Trendy desert plants like cacti and succulents thrive in a sunny window…

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Backyard Birding

Posted by on January 17th 2013 in blog

If you find yourself looking for a fun family project to pass the time this winter, think about feeding the birds.  Take a little time to learn about what birds are feeding in your backyard and make them a little snack.   We hang tasty ornaments of all kinds to our clothesline and visible shrubs around the yard, pine cones painted in birdseed goop or we enjoy drying, tying up orange…

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Fresh Cut

Posted by on January 17th 2013 in blog

What does it mean to a Christmas tree to give it a fresh cut before putting it in water? Well, an evergreen tree is much like a fresh cut flower in that it will continue to take up water once it’s recut and warmed up inside.  Make sure you put your tree in water within 40 minutes of that fresh cut or you will risk sap clogging the pores at…

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Greening with Garland

Posted by on January 17th 2013 in blog

The age old tradition of displaying greens in and around the home is one that continues today.  Each type of evergreen we offer has unique qualities.  Balsam fir boughs are known for their fragrance and nice green color.  The needles are flat, as with all fir trees, but exhibit a fluffy loose appearance when wrapped around poles or over a door frame.  Noble fir boughs have flat, but slightly curled…

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Product 2

Posted by on December 3rd 2012 in Plants

This is some content regarding content 2. This is some content regarding content 2 This is some content regarding content 2.

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And the winners are….

Posted by on October 14th 2012 in blog

The Brothers! Tyler and Zach took the trophies for furthest distance and most creative Derby pumpkin.   Thank you to everyone who participated and who came to watch the derby this year.  And a special thanks to Linden Hills Co Op for donating the delicious pumpkin pies for our pie eating contest.  This is the season for delicious treats and tasty dinner options for the upcoming holidays. Please think of…

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Here's to a wonderful fall weekend

Posted by on September 29th 2012 in blog

80 and Sunny.  Dreamy. Now, before you kick back and enjoy the day, turn on the sprinkler and start watering those evergreens.  Arborvitae, spruce, yews, and boxwood keep photosynthesizing even on the coldest days of winter and they need water now to keep them happy.  Water your lawn too if you plan on an application of Fall Fertilizer in the next couple weeks.  Watering late season can lessen the winter…

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Hydrangea – poor blooming

Posted by on September 29th 2012 in Ask the Expert

Hi Janet, I think that you already have a handle on what could be wrong.  With an extremely hot and dry summer, it’s safe to say that watering even two to three times a week may not have been enough to keep your Hydrangea shrub healthy and blooming fully.  Also, if you think that your soil may be lacking nutrients, now would be a great time to amend and “feed”…

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SSG Today

Posted by on September 20th 2012 in blog

Wow It’s been an exciting week at Sunnyside Gardens; we’ve really turned over to fall. We received a few tons of carving pumpkins, but that’s nothing!! We will be adding another 10 TONS to our collection later this week! Also we brought in some cool specialty pumpkins with funny  names like “One too Many,” “Red Warty Thing,” and “Jarrahdale.”  The gourds, squash, and mini pumpkins all look great and seem…

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Is it OK to cut back roses in the fall?

Posted by on September 20th 2012 in Ask the Expert

Hi, Ugly as they may be after a long, hot, dry summer we don’t recommend cutting down your roses early, Hybryd Teas or otherwise. Here in Minnesota, Zone 3/4/5, the advice for our most prevalent rose, the Modern Shrub Rose is to wait to prune until spring: This group of sturdy roses are repeat bloomers, blooming on mature, but not old, woody stems. Leave them unpruned to increase vigor for…

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Posted by on September 17th 2012 in Ask the Expert

The preferred time to spray for crabgrass in MN is from May to Mid-August, when the plants are actively growing.  April is the best time to apply a crabgrass granular Pre-Emergent. Crabgrass thrives when temperatures are hot and cool-season lawn grasses are least competitive. Still, they have a tough time invading a healthy lawn, so now would be the best time to apply a fall fertilizer to boost the health…

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Ornamental grass that works in shade?

Posted by on August 25th 2012 in Ask the Expert

Hi Sarah, There is one zone 4 perennial grass that does well in shade, the Hakonechloa, Japanese forest grass.  A cascading golden grass, 18″ long whose texture and color  will brighten any shady perennial garden. You’re right, ornamental grasses and shade don’t mix all that well, the result being poor coloration, floppy stature and ultimately death to the plant.

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The DIY Landscaper, Part IV

Posted by on August 9th 2012 in blog, News

This week let’s talk about Massing Plants! Massing plants provide color, texture and bloom in numbers! Massing plants could be shrubs or perennials. For shrubs, hydrangeas are the most popular plant at Sunnyside Gardens. Hydrangeas come in white, green, pink, blue and even purple!  For perennial flowers, Coreopsis is a favorite for our landscape designers. Bright yellow flowers that require little or no dead-heading,  and bloom all summer! Other great…

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The DIY Landscaper, Part I

Posted by on July 28th 2012 in blog, News

Late summer and fall are the best times to do your perennial planting. Not to mention, with cooler temperatures it makes getting that landscape project done more enjoyable! Our staff and landscape designers have teamed up to provide you with ideas, elements and tips to guide you to landscaping success! The very first thing you want to take a look at in your yard is what kind of sun or…

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Name That Plant

Posted by on June 23rd 2012 in Ask the Expert

Hi Sharon, Well, it could really be called the ‘Candy Corn Plant’! Candy Corn Plant (Cuphea micropetala)   Or there is a succulent in the store called a lipstick plant or goldfish plant that also comes to mind. Nematanthus wettsteinii

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