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Posted by on September 21st 2011 in blog

The new bags are here!  Aspen, Co inspired designs made from recycled yoga mats and colorful fabrics.  Made to last and with a great story to boot! The Fall Line                            

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Powdery Mildew

Posted by on August 15th 2011 in Ask the Expert

Hi Melissa, The mildew on your peony plants is ugly, but rest assured,  isn’t going to do too much damage.  I would recommend spraying with a fungicide and fertilizing with a liquid fertilizer.   By fall you will want to cut back the peonies and discard the leaves away from your compost pile as they are covered in spores (a spray of fungicide now will help to kill those spores, but…

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Japanese Beetles

Posted by on July 29th 2011 in Ask the Expert

Hi Amanda, I have a grape vine at home too and every year I choose not to treat the beetles.  Every year I have a pretty poor fruit yield, but a yield non the less, and the leaves usually become absolutely destroyed.  If I were to treat the Beetles I’d try to treat the grubs in the soil first and let the current round of adults die off.  If you…

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Beetle Mania!

Posted by on July 28th 2011 in blog

Japanese Beetles are in town!  Have you noticed some of your garden plants may look chewed and lacey?  Or have you seen clusters of flying beetles settled on certain ornamentals?  More than likely you have Japanese Beetles.  They emerged from the ground in the last few weeks to wreck havoc in the garden. Japanese Beetles, or Popillia Japonica, are metallic green beetles with bronze wing covers. They chew on shrubs,…

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New Pee Gee Hydrangeas

Posted by on July 13th 2011 in Ask the Expert

Hi Mike, My advice to you is to keep up with the watering.  The root ball of a newly planted tree can be difficult to saturate with water even with the newly amended ground holding water quite well.  As a rule of thumb, we like to say that a shrub or tree won’t show signs of OVER watering until several weeks into an intense water schedule.  

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Smaller perennial for around a lamp post

Posted by on June 28th 2011 in Ask the Expert

Hi Corinne, A perennial Geranium comes to mind.  The variety ‘Max Frei’ is magenta pink and blooms for quite a long time.  Otherwise there are some shorter Geum or Dianthus varieties that would work well too.      

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Woolly Pocket Mania

Posted by on June 18th 2011 in blog

The coolest trend on the West coast has made it’s way to the mid-West, Woolly Pockets.  For the last few years a couple of friends from Berkeley have been marketing the idea that you can hang plants like you would a piece of art, on the wall.  Beautiful living art that anyone can create, everyone can appreciate and no one needs to fuss over.  Have a wall?  If you answered,…

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Perennials for wet and shady areas

Posted by on June 18th 2011 in Ask the Expert

Hi v, Best for wet and shady areas?  Two things come to mind.  First, the tallest goatsbeard is fast growing, extremely hardy and can grow up to four feet tall and wide.  Second is the variegated dogwood or ivory halo dogwood.  Dogwoods have a very fiberous root system and can handle wet ground quite well.

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window boxes

Posted by on June 18th 2011 in Ask the Expert

Hi teresa, Based on what you’ve described, it seems as though good old geraniums would thrive as well as an assortment of trailing foliage vines like sweet potato or vinca.  Sometimes that hot afternoon sun, even in small doses, can be powerful enough to allow you to grow many of the sun annuals on the market.  So don’t shy away from wave petunias or sun coleus if you think you…

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Deer repellents

Posted by on June 18th 2011 in Ask the Expert

Hi Jill, Sunnyside Gardens offers… Repellex Systemic Pellets: Brand-new systemic deer and rabbit repellent! The naturally-occuring chemical that makes hot peppers hot infuses into leaves and flowers, giving them an unpleasant taste. One application can last up to one year.

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Fertilizing and manure

Posted by on June 8th 2011 in Ask the Expert

Hi Jane, You can add the shake and feed at any time.  The slow release fertilizer is pretty mild and will not burn your plants.

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Mulch Mania

Posted by on June 7th 2011 in blog

Now is a great time to add that top dressing to your beautiful garden beds.  We’ll help get you going by offering free local delivery of bags of mulch when you buy 10 bags or more. Sunnyside has the following varieties of mulch available: Cypress, Cedar, Cocoa Shell, Brown, Red, Mini Pine Bark, and Regular Pine Bark. All mulch comes in 2 cubic feet bags. Wondering how many bags you…

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Ground Cover Full of Weeds

Posted by on May 25th 2011 in Ask the Expert

What I mess.  I’ve got something similar going on in my garden.  Unfortunately, there is no good “kill” solution to this problem.  What I can suggest is this, if you can’t pull the weed by hand, then you should consider trying to remove sections of your ground cover with a sharp shovel.  Cut manageable sized squares, three inches deep, pick up the slice and weed out the unwanted vegetation over…

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Posted by on May 10th 2011 in blog

Keep the weeds from winning this season by applying a dose of Preen weed prevention.  No, I don’t get paid to say that, but maybe I should!  There are some easy ways to make gardening more enjoyable and/or to lower your garden maintenance bills, Preen is one of those inventions that I can’t do without in my garden. Picture an imaginary saran wrap layer covering your plant beds.  That’s what…

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Leaning Arborvitae

Posted by on May 2nd 2011 in Ask the Expert

Hi Linda, Do assist your plants!  They would benefit from some staking and supplemental support.  Be sure to use garden tie or chafing free twine that won’t damage the bark of your arborvitae.    

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Last frost date

Posted by on March 11th 2011 in Ask the Expert

Hi Mark, The average last frost date in the city is May 6-11, Mother’s Day. Last year proved to be a chilly one with a hard frost on the weekend of Mother’s Day, sending us in a flurry to get all the tender tropicals inside for protection. The best time to start seed is about 6 weeks before the last frost date, so by the end of March here in…

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