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Seed Starting

Posted by on March 14th 2017 in blog

Growing plants from seed can be a fun and exciting project to jump-start the gardening season for the whole family.   Growing seeds is a lot less difficult and time consuming than most people believe.  Here are some basics to get you started: Supplies- -Containers – the most efficient, space-saving containers are the cell-based trays you will find at the garden center, generally 1″ x 1″ cells that make up a…

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Leaning Russian Sage

Posted by on August 14th 2012 in Ask the Expert

Hi Jerry, There are a couple reasons why your Russian Sage may be flopping.  First, if your plant is new, it doesn’t have a broad enough root system to hold up your plant at it’s full height and width.  With age and good watering to stimulate root growth, the plant will stand upright. Second, your plant may be in too little light and leaning to maximize exposure to the suns…

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Blue Hydrangeas

Posted by on May 31st 2012 in Ask the Expert

Hi Judy, When I hear this from clients I first want to ask a couple questions to see if I can get to the root of the problem.  First, do you have your Hydrangeas in at least five hours of sun?  In essence, ‘Annabelle’ is the only shade tolerant Hydrangea that will bloom consistently.  Your Blue and Pink Hydrangeas will need quite a bit more sun in order to make…

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Perennial of the Year

Posted by on May 14th 2012 in blog

Long regarded by the Sunnyside staff as one of THE top shade loving perennials, were are happy that Brunnera ‘Jack Frost’ is finally getting its due as the perennial of the year for 2012.  Out of 431 nominations the Perennial Plant Association chose this all time favorite as the #1 perennial in the country.  I couldn’t be happier with their choice. Introduced in 2000, Brunnera ‘Jack Frost’ immediately hit shade…

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Mother's Love Hanging Baskets

Posted by on May 9th 2012 in blog

For the longest time I struggled finding the right gift for my mom on Mother’s Day – from earrings that wound up in a junk store box the next year, to never worn clothes and unused kitchen gadgets, I whiffed on every gift I gave.  Little did I know, the perfect gift was staring me in the face the whole time at work – a hanging basket!  These treasure troves…

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Posted by on April 29th 2012 in blog, News

Nothing energizes us here at Sunnyside like our first tropical plant shipment.  All of a sudden our once dormant greenhouses come alive and burst with the cool flavor that tropicals bring.  From small foliage plants and houseplants to huge ferns, its like having the rainforest plopped down in the middle of Minnesota.  Whether you’re interested in having the first pick at some of the awesome houseplants we have or are…

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Posted by on April 12th 2012 in blog

We are all starting to feel it – the cool air of winter being blown away by the warm breath of spring; the activity of the city as it emerges from winter hibernation and the days getting mercifully longer.  At Sunnyside that can only mean one thing… Pansymonium! That’s right, Sunnyside is once again going mad with the pansy.  We’ve got pansy in every color, ready to blow away the…

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Repotting Houseplants

Posted by on February 21st 2012 in blog

Sooner or later all houseplants need to be repotted and early spring is an excellent time to do so because the increasing amount of light coming through your windows will help the plant acclimate to its new digs and spur growth.  Repotting gives the plants roots more space, increasing their uptake of nutrients and prevents the plant from becoming ‘pot-bound’ – when the roots of the plant become a packed,…

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Hydrangea Care 101

Posted by on October 10th 2011 in blog

A common question circulating around the garden center these days is “when, and how, do I prune my hydrangeas?”  Luckily hydrangea care is pretty easy, as long as you follow hydrangea rule #1 – know your hydrangea. There are three basic types of hydrangeas grown in our climate, and when and how you prune them is directly related to which hydrangea you are pruning: Smooth hydrangeas (hydrangea aborescens), which include…

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Mulch much?

Posted by on September 3rd 2011 in Ask the Expert

Hi Maureen, Mulching is a great idea for any season.  Applying a 3″ or deeper cover in the spring will help prevent weeds from coming up all season and will aid in keeping moisture in the ground. Mulching in Summer and Fall can help to maintain a nice looking garden and home and keep all the fall seeds that are flying around from germinating.  Personally, I tend to mulch whenever…

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Damaged Sweet Potato leaves

Posted by on June 25th 2011 in Ask the Expert

Hi Rui, Sometimes tiny chew holes happen at night, or when we least expect it.  Everything from June Bugs to Earwigs can be the culprit and they attack at night or in the early morning hours.  The damage can happen over the course of a couple nights and then not again for the rest of the year. If you don’t see any bug, it doesn’t make sense to spray an…

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Posted by on June 25th 2011 in Ask the Expert

Hi Jamie, Earwigs are a nighttime pest.  They can hang around inside your home and in dark corners until night and then they find their way to nibble on foliage of garden plants and fruit trees.  If you’re noticing them causing damage then consider spraying an insecticide at night with a flashlight.  It’s the young earwigs that cause the most damage and they don’t stay in the adolescent stage for…

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Cat's out of the garden

Posted by on June 18th 2011 in Ask the Expert

Hi Lorna, Repels-All by Bonide lists cats on their animal repellent.  I’ve also heard of people deterring the pets by simply applying a layer of shredded mulch to their planters and gardens.  It seems that the cats don’t like to scratch wood chips like they would soil or sand.

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Sun Coleus – A Gardening Revolution

Posted by on May 21st 2011 in blog

 “Trying to describe the many colors of Coleus is like trying to describe the Grand Canyon. You can’t do it justice in words alone, it is one of those things you really have to see for yourself.” – Chris Looking for that perfect foliage plant for your container?  Or a splash of serious color in your garden?  Or an instant solution to that tired looking focal point in your garden? …

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3 Simple Steps for Peak Preformance in the Garden

Posted by on April 26th 2011 in blog

Spring is almost here (I promise), and while the weather forecaster stubbornly predicts more snow and grizzly nighttime temps, our garden beds are slowly awakening.  With a few nice days lined up in our forecast, its a great time to get a jump start on your garden.  A little time in Spring to do these three simple tasks will yield enormous dividends later in the season, as you sip lemonade…

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Sunnyside Top 3

Posted by on April 1st 2011 in blog

Houseplant and Succulents are here While our outdoor space awaits the welcome warming breath of spring, our greenhouse is full of life – houseplants, foliage plants and a cool collection of succulents.   Our houseplants run the gamut in color and size and not only brighten up any room, but actually improve the quality of your indoor air.   According to recent studies, NASA recommends 15 to 18 good sized houseplants for…

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Start Your Seeds!

Posted by on March 25th 2011 in blog

You don’t have to wait for warmer weather to start gardening. In fact, if you want to grow your own vegetables from seed, you can’t wait much longer. There are basically two options for herb and vegetable gardening: start seedlings indoors and transplanting them to the garden, or buy plants that are already growing in containers. (These will be available in a few months.) Starting vegetables indoors is easy. You’ll…

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Bunny damage

Posted by on March 22nd 2011 in Ask the Expert

Hi Jacque, This is a pretty common problem around town and to make things worse, I’m noticing the rabbits were able to do damage higher up on shrubs due to the high snow.  Evergreens typically won’t regrow in bare damaged spaces, but the new growth on existing branches may help to fill in and make the bare spots less noticeable.  For future care, you could consider spraying your shrubs in…

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How to pot tree top pots when the soil is frozen?

Posted by on November 27th 2010 in Ask the Expert

Hi Kim, So, if you didn’t get a chance to do spruce top arrangements while the weather was above freezing, you’re going to run into a pot of solid soil.  How we continue to work here in the garden center and out on site is by implementing a handy power drill with a rather large sized bit.  Your tree tops will fit nicely into the holes and then stay put…

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