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Seed Starting

Growing plants from seed can be a fun and exciting project to jump-start the gardening season for the whole family.   Growing seeds is a lot less difficult and time consuming than most people believe.  Here are some basics to get you started: Supplies- -Containers – the most efficient, space-saving containers are the cell-based trays you will find at the garden center, generally 1″ x 1″ cells that make up a tray.  Believe it or not, this is all the space…

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Sarah’s Summer Planter

Posted by on June 5th 2014 in blog

Sarah shows us what goes into her favorite planter at Sunnyside this week. She began by choosing plants that, while common separately, together create a truly exceptional summer planter. Using purple Fountain Grass, Pandanus Plant, New Guinea Impatiens, Echeveria, Wire Vine, trailing Alyssum, and lemon-lime Petunias, Sarah constructs a beautiful showpiece that will continue to evolve beautifully all summer long. With variations in height, color, texture, and placement – this…

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Patio Vegetable Gardens

Posted by on May 30th 2014 in blog

Summer is here and patio season in Minnesota is officially on! Join Mike as he puts together vegetable planters for you to enjoy all season long. Perfect for healthy summer snacking, but keep these planters next to your grill! These big beef tomatoes are ideal for slicing up and putting on your burgers or veggie burgers. Or wrap the snap peas and baby carrots in some tin foil with a…

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Bee & Butterfly Boulevard Beds

Posted by on May 21st 2014 in blog

We’re creating Bee-friendly and Butterfly-attracting boulevard gardening options! An effective way to garden with a greater goal is to plant a boulevard bee & butterfly garden. Not only is this an efficient way to utilize that boulevard space with colors that dress it up all season long, but it keeps pollinators going for your plants and not your backyard barbecue food! Of course butterflies are fun to look at, but…

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Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 10.55.39 AM

Succulents at Sunnyside!

Posted by on May 14th 2014 in blog

Succulents are grown as ornamental plants because of their striking and unusual appearance. Also called “fat plants,” they store water in their fleshy leaves, giving them a strong shape and hardy disposition. This week, Mike is mixing favorites like Aloe and Jade in funky, seasonal succulent planters. Providing tips on arrangement to optimize growth and soil positioning, these easy-to-make mixed planters provide a low-maintenance, visually appealing addition to your plant…

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You Are Our Sunshine: Mothers & Mother Nature

Posted by on May 8th 2014 in blog

Mother’s Day is the unofficial kickoff to Minnesota outdoor season. We open our windows and let the sunshine in. Buds are popping left and right, and green is returning everywhere we look. It seems fitting to celebrate life-bringing weather on the day we celebrate those who did the same for us, our Mothers. This year we are excited to highlight some creative Mother’s Day ideas. Our moss planters shaped as…

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A Little Springspiration

Posted by on May 1st 2014 in blog

It’s Spring. If you weren’t sure, just take a look at the high schoolers in their shorts at the bus stop. These seemingly crazy kids have the ability to predict future weather patterns and display the information to us each morning. It’s true. There are a lot of things that Sunnyside specializes in. Seasonally, our inventory changes and we see our customers switch modes with the weather. Right now it’s Spring. Pansies,…

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