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Fall Custom Container in Metal Trough

Patio arrangements are our specialty! Sunnyside is known for color, come see for yourself.

Bee Balm

Monarda or Bee Balm is a great late summer perennial bloomer.

Rudbeckia flowers

Black Eyed Susans are the plant of the season!  Enjoy them as cut flowers or in a mass display in your garden.

Crassula capitella 'Red Dragon'

Hundreds of succulents in store.  Choose from individual pots or custom arrangements.

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Pothos and Buddha

Pothos-Houseplant Digest

The easiest plants to care for in the human world are often the ones we remember seeing all through our childhood in friends’ homes, in businesses and doctor’s offices.  Easy care house plants have quietly been a part of our existence for so long partly because things haven’t changed a whole lot from the 1900s to now as far as ease of plant care.   We’ve selected one plant to be the “go to” for first time houseplant owners who…

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We are thankful!

Posted by on November 25th 2009 in blog

Thanksgiving – Thanksgiving finds the staff at Sunnyside in a reflective mood – looking back on a fast and fun year and anticipating a restful two month winter break come Christmas. While Sunnyside will shut down for Thanksgiving Day and each staff will enjoy turkey time with their families, we got together to compile a brief list of things we are thankful for that we would like to share: -A…

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Prevent Winter Burn NOW!

Posted by on November 12th 2009 in blog

Halloween has come and gone.  So now it is time to start thinking about…Spring?  Yes, that’s right:  Spring.  Forget about Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve for a moment.  The most popular question during spring at Sunnyside Gardens is this:  What caused my evergreens to brown over the winter? The brown, dead appearance of evergreens in spring time is referred to as winter burn, which is caused by loss of…

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Protecting the tender plants

Posted by on October 30th 2009 in blog

Some plants aren’t as tough as others.This can be a grim fact to face for northern gardeners.We invest our sweat, lower backs and money into certain plants only to see them crumple and die by the cold hands of our Minnesota winter.Our topsy-turvy winters dish out unpredictable snow cover.Weaker plants that aren’t given added protection and do not have a substantial layer of snow pack can succumb to the frost,…

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Tree Top Time, Folks

Posted by on October 17th 2009 in blog

As Midwesterners, it is a bittersweet reality that our longest season is winter. And this can bum out even the sturdiest of Minnesotans. Our spring time is short lived and is usually sprinkled with a combination of snow, ice, and sunshine. Summer comes and then is gone, leaving us engulfed in humidity and mosquitoes. Fall arrives and we all dash around the Lakes, visit the apple orchards, and rake the…

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To prune or not to prune…

Posted by on October 9th 2009 in blog

This week in the Twin Cities, fall announced its arrival with a series of chilly winds and down pours.Leaves are starting to change color and our gardens have finally been battered into submission by the rigors of autumn.All week long, customers at Sunnyside Gardens have asked a simple question:When do I prune my shrubs?Here are a few tidbits. Why prune?The proper pruning of shrubs is a vital component to the…

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