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Pumpkin Succulents

Pumpkin Succulent Care & Propagation

The perfect autumn centerpiece is here! These Pumpkin Succulent Gardens will add beauty to all of your fall celebrations, but the best part may be that the succulents can last much longer. With proper care, you can replant these little beauties and enjoy them for months, if not longer. First, you must mist the Pumpkin Succulent Garden daily with clean water. The succulent roots will begin growing into the moss, and eventually into the pumpkin itself as the shell softens.…

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To prune or not to prune…

Posted by on October 9th 2009 in blog

This week in the Twin Cities, fall announced its arrival with a series of chilly winds and down pours.Leaves are starting to change color and our gardens have finally been battered into submission by the rigors of autumn.All week long, customers at Sunnyside Gardens have asked a simple question:When do I prune my shrubs?Here are a few tidbits. Why prune?The proper pruning of shrubs is a vital component to the…

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Sunny Bus

Posted by on October 5th 2009 in blog

Introducing….the Sunny Bus My new friends here at Sunnyside have been getting on my case to get online and write you some choice words introducing myself.I admit I’m not one for the cell phones and these internets, but like Jimi Hendrix and chicken cordon bleu, I can dig it I rolled off the line in 1973 – the same year George Foreman beat Joe Frazier for the heavyweight title, Marlon…

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Recycle with us

Posted by on September 25th 2009 in blog

In an on-going effort to go Green, Sunnyside Gardens has enrolled in the Green Industry Plastic Recycling Program. Working in a partnership with the MNLA and Choice Plastics, Sunnyside accepts garden industry plastic containers, pots, trays, and small packs that will be recycled and processed for future use. During the summer of 2009, Choice plastics accepted 350,000 pounds of plastic and ground up 200,000 pounds. The program is wildly successful…

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September in the garden center

Posted by on September 22nd 2009 in blog

Fall Planting – Fall in Minnesota- got to love it– the kids are off to school, the cool breeze coming from our many lakes washes away the summertime blues and our green city becomes alive with color as the leaves begin to turn. It’s a perfect time to enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee outside, enjoy the cool weather and … Garden! Did you know that fall is also…

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Building at the Minnesota State Fair

Posted by on August 27th 2009 in blog

Sure there are some hurdles in front of you when you commit to turning asphalt into a lovely landscaped retreat for 12 days.  Level the sloped surface?  Sure!  Keep the hundreds of living plants watered in August heat?  No problem!  Place dozens of giant boulders?  No sweat! We are thrilled for the opportunity to meet folks from around the state and beyond and to let them know what a neat…

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