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Pothos-Houseplant Digest

The easiest plants to care for in the human world are often the ones we remember seeing all through our childhood in friends’ homes, in businesses and doctor’s offices.  Easy care house plants have quietly been a part of our existence for so long partly because things haven’t changed a whole lot from the 1900s to now as far as ease of plant care.   We’ve selected one plant to be the “go to” for first time houseplant owners who…

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Maui Sunshine!

Posted by on August 16th 2015 in News

The best plants have the best names.  Echinacea ‘Maui Sunshine’ The name conjures up the cool, mellow, breezy warm of Maui. What’s in a name?  Well, this showy yellow Echinacea is the most fragrant we have ever seen, or rather, smelled here at Sunnyside and seems to be the one the bees are most attracted to.  It’s cool and classic with a vibrant spirit. Plant Category: Echinacea Plant Type: PRAIRIE…

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What’s Blooming in August

Posted by on August 9th 2015 in News

Has anyone seen the Russian Sage in color out in the landscape?  Russian Sage is the 3 foot tall, silver, shrubby plant with purple flower tips.  This silver foliage is unique to these sages (and some artemesias) and has a tendency to stand out in a border planting.  It’s not a shrub, but can hold the place of a 3ft x 3ft space in your garden.  This is especially important…

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Tomato Kids

Posted by on July 22nd 2015 in blog, News

What’s wrong with your tomato? I’ve seen some sad looking tomatoes photos come through the store lately and I think it’s time we had a talk. To me, talking about the proper way to grow plants is a bit reminiscent of a lecture hall course of days past.  I love making comparisons and using analogies, so how ‘bout we get weird? Let’s pretend a planted tomato is in fact a…

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Blooming in a garden near you!

Posted by on June 28th 2015 in blog, News

This week in the garden.  The first week of July is upon us, what do you see? What’s blooming around town is here in the store.  Bring us photos of your favorite plants as you cruise around Minneapolis—we can ID your pics and help you select the same samples for your home garden. You’ve been seeing a lot of white pom poms that are the signature of the traditional Annabelle…

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From Mother Earth to Your Mom – Mother’s Day at Sunnyside

Posted by on May 4th 2015 in blog, News

“I am my mother’s garden, I am her legacy, And I hope today she feels the love reflected back from me.” -Staci Warren Mother’s Day is always a special time around Sunnyside. Spring is such a beautiful time of rebirth, and reminds us not only of our own growth from “seedlings to sunflowers,” but also of the nurturing hand of both Mother Earth and our own mothers. Each year, we…

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Herb Gardening

Posted by on April 25th 2015 in blog

How do you grow your herbs?  Rosemary pots, french tarragon baskets, garden chive rows, hanging thyme, herb knots,  A few different methods come to mind for perfect herb gardening, all herbs are a delight to taste, touch, smell, and see. Remember to think about the herb properties when picking it’s summer home.  For example: -Chives thrive in the ground and will over winter year after year.  So in ground is…

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