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White Orchids
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With over 300 plants in our database we are sure you will be able to find something to suit your needs.
Browse through our list or search to the right to find what you're looking for.

Viola ‘Black Magic’

Viola 'Black Magic'

True to its name, the flowers on this stellar variety are a deep matted black with tiny yellow…

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Tricyrtis ‘Miyazaki Hybrids’ (Toad Lily)

Tricyrtis hirta 'Miyazaki'

Also known as Toad Lily, Tricyrtis features one of the most unique flowers I have ever seen.  The…

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Tradescantia ‘Zwanenberg Blue’ (Spiderwort)

Tradescantia 'Zwanenburg Blue'

Triangular violet-blue flowers bloom en mass atop green, grass-like foliage.  This variety offers a great blue color that…

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Tradescantia ‘Concord Grape’ (Spiderwort)

Tradescantia 'Concord Grape'

Spiderwort boats a lot of color for a shade plant, and ‘Concord Grape’ does it in style, featuring…

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Veronica ‘Royal Candles’ (Speedwell)

Veronica 'Royal Candles'

This excellent dward variety is both a customer and staff favorite.  ‘Royal Candles’ produces show-stopping deep blue flower…

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Veronica ‘Giles van Hees’ (Speedwell)

Veronica 'Giles van Hees'

A dwarf variety with giant blooms, ‘Giles van Hees’ features 6″ tall flower spikes covered in a rich…

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Scabiosa ‘Butterfly Blue’ (Pincushion Flower)

Scabiosa 'Butterfly Blue'

This 2000 Perennial Plant of the Year sports lacy lavender blue flowers 2″ in diameter.  This selection will…

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Salvia ‘Marcus’ (Sage)

Salvia 'Marcus'

A nice tidy dwarf variety of salvia, ‘Marcus boasts a ton of color for its size, becoming almost…

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Pulmonaria ‘Moonshine’ (Lungwort)

Pulmonaria 'Moonshine'

Also know as Lungwort, ‘Moonshine’ offers an attractive mound of rounded leaves that are almost completely speckled with…

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Origanum ‘Kent Beauty’

Origanum 'Kent Beauty'

This variety is among the most beautiful of the ornamental oreganos. ‘Kent Beauty’ has a semi-mounded habit of oval…

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Dianthus ‘Neon Star’

Dianthus 'Neon Star'

This special little plant is perhaps our most popular perennial and there is little mystery why – outstanding…

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Perovskia atriplicifolia (Russian Sage)

Perovskia atriplicifolia

Known as Russian Sage, and the 1997 Perennial of the year winner, this wonderful summer blooming perennial shows…

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Phlox ‘Junior Dance’

Phlox 'Junior Dance'

A great low-growing and mildew resistance phlox, ‘Junior Dance’ features huge flower clusters of light pink florets with…

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Dianthus ‘Sweet William’

Dianthus 'Sweet William'

The blossoms of ‘Sweet William’ are a gorgeous collage of reds, pinks and whites atop small flower stalks.…

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Phlox ‘Starfire’

Phlox paniculata 'Starfire'

This excellent phlox selection blooms in vibrant deep crimson red atop three foot tall stalks.    It also…

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Phlox ‘David’

Phlox paniculata 'David'

The 2002 Perennial of the Year, ‘David’ has been the king of white phlox since its early propagation…

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Lychnis ‘Vesuvius’ (Maltese Cross)

Lychnis x arkwrightii 'Vesuvius'

A truly unique and eye-catching perennial, this variety of Lychnis boasts one of a kind vivid bright blood-orange…

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Galium odoratum (Sweet Woodruff)

Galium odoratum

Also called Sweet Woodruft, Galium is a wonderfuly dense groundcover of deep green lanced shaped leaves that feature…

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Lilium ‘Stargazer’ (Lily)

Lilium 'Stargazer'

The most popular of the lilies for as long as I can remember, gardeners have come to know…

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Coreopsis ‘Zagreb’

Coreopsis 'Zagreb'

An awesome variety of threadleaved Coreopsis, ‘Zagreb’ is slightly shorter than ‘Moonbeam’ and boasts intense deep yellow flowers…

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