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With over 300 plants in our database we are sure you will be able to find something to suit your needs.
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Aster x dumosus 'Wood's Pink'


This variety features clear pink flowers with gold centers. Wood’s Pink was bred for compact habit, long bloom…

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Aster x dumosus 'Wood's Blue'


In the fall, Wood’s Blue features clear blue flowers with gold centers that are good cut for bouquets.…

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Aster x dumosus 'Winston Churchill'


Bright raspberry-red flowers with golden centers cover this variety at the end of the summer. Cut Winston Churchill…

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Aster x dumosus 'Professor Anton Kippenburg'


This variety features clusters of daisy-like, lavender-blue flowers that cover the plant in the fall and remain until…

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Astrantia major 'Star of Beauty' (Masterwort)


Astrantia, or Masterwort, is a wonderful woodland plant preferring cool, moist, shady places rich in organic matter. Its…

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Aster x dumosus 'Alert'


Just as the colors of summer start to fade, Alert’s dense clusters of deep purple-red blooms will light…

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Asarum europaeum (Wild Ginger)


Wild ginger is an easy to grow, vigorous groundcover for part fo full shade. It features beautiful, heart-shaped…

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Asarum canadense (Wild Ginger)


Wild ginger is an easy to grow, vigorous groundcover for part to full shade. It features beautiful, heart-shaped…

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Heucherella 'Burnished Bronze' (Foamy Bells)


Large, deeply divided leaves with a glossy bronze color give the effect of well-stained wood.  This amazing shade…

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Heucherella 'Alabama Sunrise' (Foamy Bells)


Large, deeply incised leaves of glorious golden yellow show heavy maroon-red veining that jumps out to attention in…

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Nepeta 'Blue Wonder' (Catmint)


Grey-green aromatic foliage makes way for a ton of lavender blue blooms in the spring.  An easy to…

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Sedum 'Xenox' (Stonecrop)


As outstanding sedum offering season long color, ‘Xenox’ emerges green and mauve in the spring and turns a…

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Leucanthemum 'Thomas Killen' (Shasta Daisy)


Although technically a single flower, the ‘Thomas Killen’ shasta daisy has double rows of petals and crested golden…

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Leucanthemum 'Becky' (Shasta Daisy)


The 2003 Perennial Plant of the Year, ‘Becky’- chosen for its bright white flowers, sturdy stems and resistence…

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Tradescantia 'Red Cloud' (Spiderwort)


Dark green, grassy foliage gives way to reddish-violet flowers that bloom in abundence, even in dense shade.

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Dicentra 'Burning Heart' (Bleeding Heart)


Similar to ‘King of Hearts’ with its ferny foliage and all-season bloom time, ‘Burning Hearts’ features dainty clusters…

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Monarda 'Grand Parade' (Bee Balm)


The shortest (and easiest to manage) Monarda on the market, ‘Grand Parade’ grows only 16-20″ tall and features…

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Monarda 'Grand Marshall' (Bee Balm)


Luminous pink flower clusters cover this monarda favorite in mid-summer. A compact variety that stand up well to…

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Lady Fern


(Athyrium felix-femina) Light green, lacy leaves about 26″ tall are cut twice and grow from a dense central…

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Ghost Fern


(Athyrium ‘Ghost’) A vigorous selection, ‘Ghost’ features silver white fronds and a decidedly upright habit.  The white overlay…

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