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Fall Custom Container in Metal Trough

Patio arrangements are our specialty! Sunnyside is known for color, come see for yourself.

Bee Balm

Monarda or Bee Balm is a great late summer perennial bloomer.

Rudbeckia flowers

Black Eyed Susans are the plant of the season!  Enjoy them as cut flowers or in a mass display in your garden.

Crassula capitella 'Red Dragon'

Hundreds of succulents in store.  Choose from individual pots or custom arrangements.


With over 300 plants in our database we are sure you will be able to find something to suit your needs.
Browse through our list or search to the right to find what you're looking for.

Hardy Pampas Grass

Hardy Pampas Grass

(Erianthus ravennae) A fast growing a seriously tall grass reaching nearly 10′ in height, Hardy Pampas Grass remains…

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Blue Oat Grass

Helictotricton sempervirens

(Helictotrichon) This excellent choice of miniature grasses boasts a dense clump of steel blue blades that reach upwards…

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Red Silver Maiden Grass

Red Maiden Grass

(Miscanthus sinensis ‘Rotsilber’) A mid size miscanthus grass with dark green, arching blades reaching 5′ in height.  The…

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Variegated Japanese Silver Grass


(Miscanthus sinensis ‘Variegatus’) Graceful arching grass of dark green blades highlighted with a creamy stripe.  Topped with silver…

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Maiden Grass ‘Graziella’

Miscanthus sinensis 'Graziella'

(Miscanthus sinensis ‘Graziella’) A shrub-like grass with narrown arching blades that turn a rich gold in the fall.…

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Sedum ‘Purple Form’ (Stonecrop)

Sedum 'Purple Form'

A great groundcover sedum with dainty, blue-green foliage that forms a dense carpet and becomes completely covered with…

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Sedum ‘Kamtschaticum’ (Stonecrop)

Sedum 'Kamtschaticum'

Rare among sedums as this variety features yellow flowers.   Glossy green leaves form a dense mat and…

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Sedum ‘Dragon’s Blood’ (Stonecrop)

Sedum 'Dragon's Blood'

A fast-growing ground cover with brilliant red foliage and red-pink flowers in late summer.  An excellent selection for…

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Sedum ‘Vera Jameson’ (Stonecrop)

Sedum 'Vera Jameson'

Displays intensely colorful succulent foliage that emerge a blue-grey and darken to a deep purple as the season…

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Sedum ‘Voodoo’ (Stonecrop)

Sedum 'Voodoo'

Forms an intense, mahogany-red mat of succulent foliage that sports bright pink flowers in late summer.  An excellent…

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Sedum ‘Autumn Delight’ (Stonecrop)

Sedum 'Autumn Delight'

A new sport of ‘Autumn Joy’ featuring chartreuse leaves with narrown, serrated blue-green margins.    The creamy buds…

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Sedum ‘Autumn Charm’ (Stonecrop)

Sedum 'Autumn Charm'

This stunning selection offers up an excellent display spring through fall – from its attractive variegated foliage to…

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Sedum ‘Neon’ (Stonecrop)

Sedum 'Neon'

Thick, rounded clusters of bright rose appear in abundence in late summer through fall and give a glowing…

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Heuchera ‘Tiramisu’ (Coral Bells)

Heuchera 'Tiramisu'

A plant just as delicious as its namesake dessert, ‘Tiramisu’ is a very showy hybrid featuring yellowish-chartreuse leaves…

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Heuchera ‘Snow Angel’ (Coral Bells)

Heuchera 'Snow Angel'

The snow-white freckles atop the attractive green of the foliage gives this outstanding variety its name.  Dainty flower…

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Heuchera ‘Peach Flambe’ (Coral Bells)

Heuchera 'Peach Flambe'

A truly bright selection of coral bells, young foliage on ‘Peach Flambe’ emerge vibrant peachy yellow infused with…

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Heuchera ‘Midnight Rose’ (Coral Bells)

Heuchera 'Midnight Rose'

This eye-catching selection boasts dark purple, almost black, leaves with heavy pink speckling and splotches – this polka…

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Heuchera ‘Marmalade’ (Coral Bells)

Heuchera 'Marmalade'

With a color spectrum ranging from deep amber orange to peachy bronze and hot pink undersides, ‘Marmalade’s wavy…

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Heuchera ‘Green Spice’ (Coral Bells)

Heuchera 'Green Spice'

This unique hybrid selection sports a silvery base, deep burgundy venation, with dark green accents throughout.  A truly…

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Heuchera ‘Chocolate Ruffles’ (Coral Bells)

Heuchera 'Chocolate Ruffles'

This nicely textured, low growing heuchera has chocolate-brown leaves with purple undersides that produce a stunning two-toned effect…

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