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Hosta 'Wolverine' (Plantain Lily)


This unique hosta features slim, lance-shaped leaves that are rippled and tapered and give this hosta an pristine…

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Hosta 'Wide Brim' (Plantain Lily)


Largely textured, deep green leaves with attractive, large creamy margins that age to a brilliant yellow, ‘Wide Brim’…

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Hosta 'Thunderbolt' (Plaintain Lily)


A sport of the ever famous ‘Elegans,’ this amazing selection features very thick, rubbery, corrugated dark blue-green leaves…

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Hosta 'Sun Power' (Plantain Lily)


This interesting hosta is uinque among most in its love of the sun – the more sun the…

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Hosta 'Sum and Substance' (Plantain Lily)


The botanical incarnation of the Jolly Green Giant, this amazing hosta boasts an huge impact of nearly 30″…

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Hosta 'Sagae' (Plantain Lily)


Considered to me among the most dramatic hostas ever introduced, ‘Sagae,’ the Hosta of the Year in 2000,…

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Hosta 'Paul's Glory' (Plantain Lily)


A truly excpetional hosta boasting heart shaped leaves with gorgeous golden yellow centers and dark, blue green margins.…

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Hosta 'Olive Bailey Langdon' (Plantain Lily)


This improved sport of ‘Frances Williams’ as it does not have the tendency to burn in the heat…

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Hosta 'Night Before Christmas' (Plantain Lily)


A sport of the classic ‘Patriot’ hosta, ‘Night Before Christmas’ boasts a medium mound of dark green, lance…

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Hosta 'Krossa Regal' (Plantain Lily)


One of the classic large hosta, ‘Krossa Regal’ puts on quite the show in the garden with its…

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Hosta 'June' (Plantain Lily)


This gold centered sport of ‘Halcyon’ features beautiful chartreuse foliage with dark blue green margins.  A low mounded…

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Hosta 'Halcyon' (Plantain Lily)


A classic, medium sized, powdery blue hosta with narrow pointed foliage retains its attractive color even in dense…

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Hosta 'Guacamole' (Plantain Lily)


Giant, glossy apple green leaves with streaked, dark green margins make the foliage of this favorite hosta look…

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Hosta 'Golden Tiara' (Plantain Lily)


A compact hosta with heart-shaped, light green leaves with an attractive yellow variegation.  A fast growing and dense…

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Hosta 'Gold Standard' (Plantain Lily)


This classic golden hosta emerges a light green and ages into a brilliant gold as summer arrives.  A…

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Hosta 'Frances Williams' (Plantain Lily)


Giant blue-green leaves with heavy corrugation and and very wide margins with a pristine array of chartreuse and…

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Hosta ‘Elegans’ (Plantain Lily)


Long the first choice for blue leaved hostas, ‘Elegans’ features 12″ leaves and can reach 30″ in height.…

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Hosta 'Cherry Berry' (Plantain Lily)


A unique hosta remarkable for the bright red stalks of its flowers which appear mid-season, Cherry Berry is…

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Hosta 'Brim Cup' (Plantain Lily)


Brim Cup feature dark green leaves with irregular creamy margins which are downward facing and cupped.  A long-time…

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Hosta 'August Moon' (Plantain Lily)


A classic gold/chartreuse hosta with finely cut, corrugated, wavy leaves.  A great hosta for a sun situation as…

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