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Tradescantia 'Concord Grape' (Spiderwort)


Spiderwort boats a lot of color for a shade plant, and ‘Concord Grape’ does it in style, featuring…

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Veronica 'Royal Candles' (Speedwell)


This excellent dward variety is both a customer and staff favorite.  ‘Royal Candles’ produces show-stopping deep blue flower…

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Veronica 'Giles van Hees' (Speedwell)


A dwarf variety with giant blooms, ‘Giles van Hees’ features 6″ tall flower spikes covered in a rich…

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Scabiosa 'Butterfly Blue' (Pincushion Flower)


This 2000 Perennial Plant of the Year sports lacy lavender blue flowers 2″ in diameter.  This selection will…

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Salvia 'Marcus' (Sage)


A nice tidy dwarf variety of salvia, ‘Marcus boasts a ton of color for its size, becoming almost…

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Pulmonaria 'Moonshine' (Lungwort)


Also know as Lungwort, ‘Moonshine’ offers an attractive mound of rounded leaves that are almost completely speckled with…

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Origanum ‘Kent Beauty’ (Oregano)


In my opnion this variety is the most beautiful of the ornamental oreganos.  ‘Kent Beauty’ has a semi-mounded…

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Dianthus 'Neon Star'


This special little plant is perhaps our most popular perennial and there is little mystery why – outstanding…

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Perovskia atriplicifolia (Russian Sage)


Known as Russian Sage, and the 1997 Perennial of the year winner, this wonderful summer blooming perennial shows…

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Phlox 'Junior Dance'


A great low-growing and mildew resistance phlox, ‘Junior Dance’ features huge flower clusters of light pink florets with…

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Dianthus 'Sweet William'


The blossoms of ‘Sweet William’ are a gorgeous collage of reds, pinks and whites atop small flower stalks.…

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Phlox 'Starfire'


This excellent phlox selection blooms in vibrant deep crimson red atop three foot tall stalks.    It also…

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Phlox 'David'


The 2002 Perennial of the Year, ‘David’ has been the king of white phlox since its early propagation…

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Lychnis 'Vesuvius' (Maltese Cross)


A truly unique and eye-catching perennial, this variety of Lychnis boasts one of a kind vivid bright blood-orange…

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Galium odoratum (Sweet Woodruff)


Also called Sweet Woodruft, Galium is a wonderfuly dense groundcover of deep green lanced shaped leaves that feature…

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Lilium 'Stargazer' (Lily)


The most popular of the lilies for as long as I can remember, gardeners have come to know…

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Coreopsis 'Zagreb'


An awesome variety of threadleaved Coreopsis, ‘Zagreb’ is slightly shorter than ‘Moonbeam’ and boasts intense deep yellow flowers…

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Echinacea 'Tiki Torch' (Coneflower)


An exciting introduction to the coneflower family, ‘Tiki Torch’ feature large bright orange flowers that fade to a…

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Echinacea 'Tomato Soup' (Coneflower)


Simply put – ‘Tomato Soup’ is the best red coneflower of all time.  32″ tall clumps are topped…

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Salvia ‘May Night’ (Sage)


This 1997 perennial plant of the year features deep indigo blue flowers on sturdy stalks.  A particularly dense…

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