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Name of bug on your website under “Ask the Expert”

What type of bug is pictured on your website under the “Ask the Expert” logo? I have them in my flowers and would like to treat my flower beds to get rid of them. Thank you. Beth —Beth

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Powdery Mildew

Two summers ago I purchased 3 gorgeous peony plants from Sunnyside Gardens. This year they are covered with powdery mildew. What is the best course of action to treat the plant? I’d hate to lose them! Thank you for your…

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Japanese Beetles

What’s the best way to stop the Japanese Beetles from destroying my grapevine. I tried the soap in the bucket pick them and drown them technique but guess I was too late. I have lots of grapes will they survive…

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Smaller perennial for around a lamp post

Dear Sunnyside: I am looking for a short, colorful perennial that does not get taller than 8-10 inches. I am planting in and around moneywort, otherwise known as lysimachia nummularia’Aurea.’It will be in a space around a lamp post, the…

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I saw a picture of this bug on your website. I have these and do not know what to use to get rid of them. Please help. What causes me to have them and do they cause any harm? —Jamie

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Damaged Sweet potato leaves

I planted a couple of sweet potato vines in my big pots as a bright green accent to my flowers. Unfortunately I found out that the bright beautiful heart-shaped leaves have been damaged/chewed by some insects. I had looked into…

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Cat’s out of the garden

How do I keep my neighbors cat from using my flower box as a litter box? —Lorna

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Deer repellents

Dear expert, I caught the last part of a TV segment about a new deer repellent tablet that was developed by UMD. Do you have the product or know about it? Thank you for your kind attention, Jill —Jill Boyat

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window boxes

I am looking for suggestions for window boxes, west facing, under overhang, so not many hours of sun, but intense when it is present. /thanks!!! —teresa caspar

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Perennials for wet and shady areas

What perennial would you suggest planting in a flower bed that is quite wet and shady? I have tried roses and rhododenron, but neither of them have survived. I would like something rather tall. —v hayek

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Fertilizing and manure

I just added the manure/humus mixture to my gardens. Do I need to wait before I add the shake and feed continuous fertilizer to the soil? Thanks, Jane —Jane

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Ground Cover Full of Weeds

1. I have a broadleaf weed that has spread via its strong root system into my pachysandra ground cover. Because both the weed and my ground cover have entangled root systems, I cannot pull the weed and its root system…

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Leaning Arborvitae

Our two pyramidal arborvitae plants, about 7 feet tall, became bent over during one of the snowstorms, and they are not bouncing back. Should I try to gently wrap them and then stake them upright, or should I give them…

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Can I reuse plant soil in containers?

I want to reuse the soil from my 20+ window boxes instead of replacing it this year. How do I amend the soil so it can support plants for another year? —Nancy Arneson

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