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Bunny damage

I have many mature arborvitae evergreen shrubs on my property. The bunnies had a field day on them this winter. They ate off lower branches & stripped alot of the bark leaving it exposed. What can I do to save…

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Last frost date

When is the last frost date for us in Minnesota, Minneapolis area? Should I start my seedlings indoors now? —Mark

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Large Front Entry Winter Pots

How to pot tree top pots when the soil is frozen?

How to plant decorative urns for winter if soil is already frozen? —kim

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King Tut Papyrus

What are the very tall, green stems with fuzzy tops in the pots near your store? —joyce swenson

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Creeping Charlie

Is there an organic product that will kill creeping charlie without harming our perennial garden? —Caroline

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vines & beetles

I have a vine growing on my fence. Don’t know the name of it, but the leaves turn brilliant red in the fall. Last year, some kind of beetle ate all the leaves. It is growing back nicely this year,…

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Ornamental grasses

When will you be stocking all kinds of ornamental grasses…forester grass in particular. Thanks. —Jane

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Sowing Cold Crops Outdoors

When can I seed lettuce and other cold loving vegetables directly into my garden? —Tim

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Is it time to uncover perennial beds? March 23

March 23. Is it too early to remove hay/straw from my perennials, hydrangeas, and new trees? I just planted a new garden in the fall and am reluctant to chance it, but I see green sprouts in my established beds.…

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Are pansy flowers really edible? Also, how cold can they really take it? When will you have pansies available?

Are pansy flowers really edible? Also, how cold can they really take it? When will you have pansies available? —Julie

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Can I start my seeds now?

Can I start my seeds now? —Dana

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How often should I water geraniums?

I’m growing geraniums from seed indoors in a small pot. I’ve read conflicting pieces of advice on how often to water them. How often should I be watering them? —Alison Barrett

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