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July 9, 2023

The best way to RESTORE your soil after Jumping Worms

Tea Seed Meal--The best way to restore your lawn and gardens if you have a jumping worm problem.

Tea Seed Meal
The migration of asian Jumping Worms into the midwest is causing headaches for homeowners. No worm is native to the area, but his latest wiggly introduction is proving to be a real nutrient sucker.

Invasion of Jumping Worms is affecting residential gardening by depleting soil nutrient content and pulverizing soil and mulch structure to a powder. Tea Seed Meal is the organic fertilizer solution that may help to restore your lawn and gardens to their glory.

In addition to the fertilizer component of this product, research indicates that tea seed meal, a natural by‐product of tea oil manufacture, and containing natural surfactants called saponins, is effective for expelling jumping worms. We have not solidified the best rate of application, but would suggest a biannual treatment program at this time (possibly up to three treatments-spring, summer and early fall).

Apply at the rate of 6-12 lbs per 1000 square feet. Apply 0.25 – 0.50″ of water within 24 -48 hrs after applying. This product is a granulated crumb of tea seed meal , composed of organic matter and will dissolve slowly after rainfall, or irrigation, to activate the breakdown of the granule. Subsequent irrigation, or rain, several days after application can continue to dissolve the granule, moving the saponin ingredient deeper into the soil profile.

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