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October 18, 2016

Early Greens

Early Spruce Top Care: Evergreen tree tops last and last.

winter container with yellow dogwood

Early Spruce Top Care:

Evergreen tree tops last and last.  Putting them in your containers this early can only mean that you should sprinkle a little water on the tops of them on the sunniest and warmest days.   Here at the garden center we use the watering hose to dash water across our greens every morning.  Another trick of the trade is to spritz your greens with a product called, WILT STOP.  This is a natural spray that clogs the needles of the greens and prevents them from losing water and drying out. In fact, we recommend customers use WILT STOP on plants in their gardens where planted evergreens have struggled with dreaded winter burn in previous years.


Answers to the most commonly asked questions…this one from a customer new to Minnesota.

Why do you put evergreens and sticks in pots for the winter?

The longest and coldest season of the year, winter, is knocking at the door! Now, while the weather is quite mild we can create beautiful containers that will last for months.  Filling pots with greens on your entrance steps is welcoming and lovely. Adding greens in the garden gives contrast and dimension to an otherwise stark landscape.

What we have to offer at Sunnyside is the full treatment of DIY supplies and elaborate finished product that you can select and have on display in no time.  Talk with our expert staff for tips and suggestions on how create amazing pots.

Tree tops/Spruce tops are here!  They are fresh, lush and plentiful.  Choose from a number of sizes and shapes to complete the look you have in mind for the season.

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