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November 12, 2015

Glazed Pottery-Question of the Week

Can you leave ceramic pots, glazed or unglazed, out in the MN winter?

Can you leave ceramic pots, glazed or unglazed, out in the MN winter?

Sunnyside Gardens recommends you not leave them out.  If you have to keep them out because of size or because you decorate with them, for the former, I suggest you try to remove soil and/or let them get as dry as you can.  I’ve seen some people cover them in plastic too.  If you do get splits or cracks, fill them in immediately in the spring with clear silicone.

Everyone is different and everyone’s pots are different. How long your ceramic pottery should last is relative to how it’s care for and the overall quality of the piece.  Some people welcome the opportunity to change the look of their containers while others want a longer investment on their goods.

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