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Aloe hybrid, Guido Aloe, succulent

Aloe hybrid (Guido Aloe)

A stunning hybrid selection with rosettes of pale green foliage, stippled in creamy white with fringed leaf edges. Light Most varieties of succulents need at…

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Adromischus cristatus Crinkle Leaf Plant succulent

Adromischus cristatus (Crinkle Leaf Plant)

With its thick, fuzzy, grey-green leaves arranged on short stems, this succulent makes an excellent addition to any plant collection. The unique, wavy leaf margins…

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desert plant succulent orange sedum nussbaumerianum

Sedum nussbaumerianium (Coppertone Stonecrop)

Featuring orange to copper-colored leaves, this sedum makes a great addition to mixed succulent containers. This succulent can grow up to 6 inches tall, but…

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Agave striata thing needle succulent

Agave striata (Narrow Leaf Century Plant)

Growing up to 18 inches tall and 3 feet wide, this Agave is a nice garden plant in warmer climates, but can make an interesting…

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Pachyphytum oviferum (Pink Moonstone) succulent

Pachyphytum oviferum (Pink Moonstone)

This cute succulent features chubby pink leaves arranged in a rosette that can reach up to 5 inches tall and wide. It can spread, albeit…

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Euphorbia lacteal Coral Cactus succulent

Euphorbia lactea (Coral Cactus)

Also known as crested Euphorbia, this plant can be found in two forms: grafted or not. The grafted form generally has the wavy, coral-like succulent attached to…

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Portulaca molokiniensis Ihi succulent 'ihi

Portulaca molokiniensis (‘ihi)

This Hawaiian native succulent has a somewhat shrubby form, with thick yellow-green leaves at the end of stems reaching up to about a foot tall.…

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Aloe vera

Aloe vera

This succulent, frequently touted for it’s medicinal value, makes a lovely houseplant either by itself in a container or in a mixed succulent container. Aloe…

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Haworthia fasciata succulent

Haworthia fasciata (Zebra Cactus)

Zebra cacti are small, rosette-forming succulents with thick green leaves featuring white stripes or “warts”. These work great in very small pots as a feature plant…

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