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August 7, 2016

PINK POPCORN Blueberry!!

Just arrived at sunnyside is a tasty blueberry that isn't anything BLUE but is everything you want in a berry.

Pink Popcorn Blueberries

Just arrived at sunnyside is a tasty blueberry that isn’t anything BLUE but is everything you want in a berry.  Sweet.  Hardy.  Self-Pollinating. Pink and plump.  Great fall color.

The Pink Popcorn Blueberry will make your mouth come alive with each little chomp.  Creamy white/pink berries mature after a flush of spring white blossoms cover the plant.  Unlike other blueberries, this one doesn’t need to cross pollinate and will thrive just fine on its own.  Reports say this blueberry plant is not bothered by garden pests or common stresses, so consider this one of the easier plants to grow organically.  (Drum ROLL…..)It’s zone 3!  Can you believe it?!  Finally a new introduction berry that can go to the UP NORTH cabin with you. And last, but not least, RED is this plant’s fall color, so plant it knowing that it is going to provide you with three seasons of WOWZAS.

How to Grow: Plant in full day sun.  This and any blueberry you plant wants to be in more acidic soil, so plant along the edge of your pine trees (where they will need supplemental water to get established) or be sure to soil amend with peat moss and garden soil acidifier.  The end height and width is 5feet by 5feet.


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