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    Introducing Trill

    Welcome to Sunnyside Garden’s lifestyle boutique, Trill. We have curated a collection of quality products that represent local artists, support worthy causes, are made of natural ingredients, and/or will just make life a little calmer all around. The boutique is open the same hours as the Garden Center. We hope you’ll pop by for a visit soon!


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3723 44th St | Minneapolis, MN


Today: 8:00am-8:00pm

It is with great pleasure that we get to introduce to you a lifestyle boutique that has sprouted within the walls of Sunnyside Gardens.


Featuring unique home goods and personal care items, we hope to impress our guests with special pieces you can use to accent your personal style. Support a worthy cause, find local Minnesota items, or invest in a piece of jewelry that will make heads turn.

Get grounded with a visit to the garden center. Compliment who you are with a stop in the Trill boutique. SHOP SELECT ITEMS NOW


At Sunnyside Gardens, we love to help our customers find and express their style, and that goes far beyond landscaping projects. Visit our lifestyle boutique to find books and accessories that will help you get the most out of your gardening and so much more. This eclectic store offers a wide selection of books, home goods, and clothing. Come visit us to find fashionable goods for every aspect of your life.


Trill Home Decor in Minneapolis

Curating a beautiful garden is only part of perfecting your home, especially here in Minneapolis where we spend so much of the year inside. Complete your look on the inside after upgrading your gardens and property by shopping our selection of adorable wares. Our boutique offers charming goods that can help you put the finishing touches on any and every room of your house. A quick visit to Trill will fill you with inspiration and serve as your first step to a more beautiful home.


Trill Kitchen Goods in Minneapolis

When it comes to creating a comfortable lifestyle, few rooms are more important than the kitchen. Preparing and sharing a meal with your loved ones is one of the most intimate ways to enjoy life together, and our kitchen items will help you get the most from every experience. A mix of form and function will help you express your style in everyday dinners or at your next wine and cheese party. Shop our selection of dishes, utensils, and decorations to turn your kitchen into a happy place and put the joy back in cooking.


Trill Personal Style in Minneapolis

Your garden and your home are both extensions of your personal style, which starts with the clothing and accessories you wear. If your wardrobe is starting to feel drab, maybe it’s time to add a few new accent pieces. At Trill, we are proud to offer hand bags, cozy wraps and scarves, thoughtfully curated natural beauty products, and more that can turn you and your outfit into a work of art. Our unique items are locally made, so you don’t have to worry about having the same style as everyone else.