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Tall cacti

I have some cacti growing indoors that are flopping over as they grow taller (8-10″). I have been propping them up with wooden skewers but…

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Boulevard Planting Design Drawing

Salt Tolerant Boulevard Garden

How do I begin selecting plants for a garden along the street? Any advice you have is greatly appreciated.

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Watering spring flowers

Warm Fall

I heard on the weather, that the next three months will be warm.. into October, how do you think that will affect our perenials?

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northern charm boxwood buxus shrub

Snow Burn

We had lots of snow burn on our arborvitae last year. We didn’t know we should have covered them.  What can we do to prevent…

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Miner bee close-up

Neonicotinoids and Bees

Hi! I understand several Twin Cities garden stores (including Bachman’s and Gerten’s) are no longer stocking plants that have been treated with neonicotinoids, as these…

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miscanthus variegated japanese silver grass ornamental perennial

Time to Plant

Is it safe to plant ornamental grasses now–October 18? How late can into the Fall can Gro-low fragrant sumac be planted? Thank you.

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hydrangea quick fire shrub

Hydrangea – poor blooming

My ‘Quick Fire’ Hydrangea bloomed very poorly this year. It had many flower buds but only a few in each cluster bloomed. It gets about…

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rose rosa champlain red shrub

Is it OK to cut back roses in the fall?

My roses are bloomed out and just kinda messy. Is it too early to cut them back aggressively for winter? —Guy

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Grass blades


When is the best time to spray my lawn for crabgrass?? —Jerry

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hakonechloa sweet shot perennial japanese forest grass

Ornamental grass that works in shade?

Hello, I would love to plant lots of OGs and prairie grasses in my backyard but the problem is my backyard is very shady. Is…

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Perovskia atriplicifolia in garden bed

Leaning Russian Sage

My Russian Sage is not standing upright like the neighbors. Why is it laying down? —Jerry

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New Pee Gee Hydrangeas

Hi, I just purchased two new pee gee hydrangea trees a week ago. They are both showing some yellow leaves on the interior of the…

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Ornamental backyard fun

I have a teeny-weeny backyard with one enormous oak tree. Really, enormous. It shades parts of the yard back there, but there is sun, too.…

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Shrubs for Shade?

We have a very shaded area in the back of our yard, and are looking for some shrubs that would help provide a screen between…

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Name That Plant

I bought a succulent plant @ Sunnyside, this past Sunday, and it is about 8″ tall, it is varigated and has tiny flowers on it…

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Dying Elijah Blue Fescue

In March we planted Elijah Blue Fescue along the border of a bed in front of our church along with double red knock-out roses, Stella…

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Grub treatment timing

How late in this 2012 season will grub treatment be affective? —Christine

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Hedge Options

I have an aging and sick hedge on the edge of our property in the front yard that runs from the street to the house,…

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Stopping Thistle

Hi. I have a thistle problem in the back corner of my lot. We’ve weeded, sprayed, weeded, sprayed, etc. and it still comes back. Any…

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Indoor Herb Garden

Hello! I bought a couple of herbs from Sunnyside Gardens about a month ago. I wanted to build an indoor herb garden, as I do…

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