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Landscaping & Garden Services Get The Best Garden Maintenance In Minneapolis Year-Round

Landscape Maintenance

Spring Garden Maintenance in Minneapolis

After a long winter, it’s refreshing to see anything green popping up – until you realize some of your new plants are unwelcome weeds! Our team will put down beds of fresh mulch to suppress unwanted weeds. (Mulch also helps preserve moisture in your soil for your existing plants, so that’s a win.) We can design and plant beds of annuals or perennials.

Your gardens will get to top form by pruning, dividing, and relocating plants. Sit back and let us take care of everything from the rose gardening tip up in spring to dormant perennial cut back in fall.  Contact us today!

  • Putting down mulch beds to suppress weeds and retain moisture
  • Perennial pruning, rejuvenation, division and relocation
  • Annual bed design, planting and establishment
  • Rose garden tip up and bed clean up for winterized plants
  • Pruning flowering shrubs and trees as cultural practices dictate
  • Cutting back dead foliage and clean up of beds and pots
  • Fertilization and soil amendments
Landscape Maintenance

Summer Landscaping in Minneapolis

The Minneapolis summer season is the big show for most homeowners. Sunnyside’s gardeners can make sure you stand out from the crowd. We can cut back overgrown plants, deadhead spent flowers, and ensure each area of your garden can thrive. Unwanted weeds and aggressive plants don’t stand a chance against a good weeding schedule. You can relax and enjoy the pleasant, yet too short, summer months while we take care of your garden. Contact Sunnyside Garden landscaping team!

  • Weeding perennial beds and landscaped areas
  • Watering and plant establishment services
  • Deep watering for trees and shrubs as needed
  • Designing new or changing bed lines and hardscape features
  • Cutting back overgrown areas and plants to promote overall health
  • Controlling aggressive plants and remove unwanted species
  • Staking tall plants and maintain control structures
Landscape Maintenance

Fall Gardening Maintenance in Minneapolis

As the nights get cooler and days shorter, it’s time to, plant bulbs, decorate with mums and new fall containers, and cut back some tired perennials. The Sunnyside gardeners can time when to winterize rose gardens and other tender plants to protect them from the winter months ahead. Planning a fall layer of mulch can protect delicate plant roots from winter injury. Call us for fall gardening maintenance in Minneapolis!

  • Perennial pruning, rejuvenation, division, and relocation
  • Putting down mulch beds to protect from winter injury and retain moisture
  • Designing beds for fall plants, installation, and establishment
  • Winterizing rose gardens and protect tender plants and trees
  • Pruning shrubs and trees as cultural practices dictate
Winter Window Box with Spruce tips and magnolia

Winter Landscaping Maintenance in Minneapolis

Our gardeners typically sign off by mid- December, but through November there are still things you can accomplish in your garden. Our gardening staff will perform a fall garden clean-up, wrap and rabbit proof your arborvitae, and do any last effort pruning that is needed. We will return flair to your property with custom designed tree top pots. You can feel relief after having all the outdoor work done by our expert gardeners and container design professionals before the snow flies. Schedule winterization and tree top pot design in Minneapolis!

  • Seasonal porch decoration and set up
  • Dormant season pruning of shrubs and large trees
  • Cutting back and clean up available before snow cover

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