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September 16, 2019

House Plants & Their Health Benefits

House plants make beautiful roommates and improve the air quality of your living space, but they can also have health benefits beyond providing fresh oxygen to your environment.

caring for house plant for health benefits

House plants make beautiful roommates and improve the air quality of your living space, but they can also have health benefits beyond providing fresh oxygen to your environment. Plants have long been used for medicinal purposes when ingested or applied topically, but just having them in your presence daily can provide health benefits. This is especially important due to the modern lifestyles of renters without frequent access to green spaces. If you are looking for an excuse to buy a house plant in Minneapolis, try some of these known health-supporting options.

Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Whether you are constantly on the go or having trouble winding down at night, a lack of quality nights of sleep can be a real problem for many individuals. Some ways to improve sleep quality include temperature regulation of your space and improved air quality. Snake plants are known to help keep the temperature lower and steadier in an indoor environment, while gardenias are beautiful and fragrant but also contain crocetin, which can improve sleep quality.

Take a Mental Break

Besides being aesthetically pleasing and relaxing to view when you need a mental break, the scent of some houseplants can help reduce the symptoms of anxiety or depression and improve your mood. Many people use lavender essential oils or other scented items for relaxation and reduction of stress, so it’s no surprise that keeping a lavender plant indoors can have a similar effect on your mood. Jasmine also works well as a mood stabilizer since it can stimulate the emotion-regulating part of your brain.

Reduce Air Toxins

The presence of any indoor plant will increase air purity and reduce toxins, but several specific ones are particularly gifted at reducing air pollution in your home. Luckily, these same plants are easy to maintain. Air pollution in your home can come from a variety of sources, including household products and materials used in flooring and furniture. If toxins are a concern, consider a combination of air-purifying plants for your collection.

  • Boston fern. A popular plant that can be grown both in and outdoors, the Boston fern specializes in formaldehyde removal.
  • Peace lily. People like to give peace lilies as presents, and they are the gifts that keep giving as they can remove ammonia, acetone, and other toxins from the air.
  • Snake plants. These plants are able to clean the air throughout the night and are easy to maintain even in low light.

Say Goodbye to Headaches and Pain

Some dual-purpose plants like the feverfew can be both relaxing to view and can be used as a supplement in tea to treat headaches or other pain. Croton is a large plant that beautifies your space, and the purifying and relaxation benefits are bonuses. One of the most common and easy to maintain house plants, the philodendron, is both pleasing to the eye and has purifying effects that can lead to a perceived reduction in pain.

Relief from Cold and Sinus Issues

The most well-known plant for helping clear up congestion is the eucalyptus. If you have chronic sinus issues or just need to clear your system when you have a cold, a eucalyptus plant is a must-have in your indoor space. Another option for better breathing is the areca palm. This plant helps keep moisture in the air, making breathing easier.

Pick Out Your House Plant Today

If you want to check out your options for house plants in Minneapolis, stop by or contact Sunnyside Gardens to check out their selection of health-boosting and beautiful indoor plans. Ask us any questions you have about the specific health concerns you have, and our team can direct you to the types of plants that can help you on the path to healing.


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