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December 4, 2019

Winter Wreath Ideas to Decorate Your Holiday Doorstep

The holidays are about togetherness, love, family, and friends, but do you know what else this time of year is perfect for?

front porch decor

The holidays are about togetherness, love, family, and friends, but do you know what else this time of year is perfect for?
Showing off your design capabilities to their fullest extent, and nothing gets your vision across faster than carefully-chosen front door decor during the winter season. Your front door is the portal to your home, the part of your house that makes the first impression on every guest, carol-singer, and passerby. Make sure it’s a good one by taking into account these excellent winter wreath ideas this holiday season.

Keep It Classic

Red and green is a combination that immediately sparks a sense of Christmas cheer in even the Grinch-iest guest, so why not harness that power and make it work for your doorstep? If you have the time and willpower, consider painting your door a bright, festive red this holiday season. Pair that with a simple green wreath adorned with pinecones and other neutral accents to keep things both classy and classic all season long.

Make a White Christmas

If the front of your home already has a lot of white to enjoy, use that in your favor. Pair a white door with simple, snow-dusted ornaments like lanterns, wreaths, and garland to bring Christmas to your front door in any setting. Earn bonus points by carrying on this theme with nearby windows to make a complete picture.

Berry Pretty

Berry Pretty If you want a simple pop of color in your front door, consider using bright winter berries (such as winterberry and other options) as a part of your design scheme. Many winter wreaths and garlands come with these worked in as a bright accent already, where they add a touch of rustic charm to any design scheme. Surround your door with luscious berry accents and even consider adding a basket of berry-sprouting fronds at your doorstep.

Head North

There’s something about the vast, snowy stretches of Scandinavia that just shout “Christmas” to anyone who glances that way. With a few evergreen branches donned with heavy red berries, a few bright ornaments, you can bring this sense of holiday cheer to your home. This design scheme works exceptionally well when set against the background of a darker-colored home.

Think Beyond the Door

Of course, you never need to touch your door at all to give your doorstep a dose of holiday cheer. Adding a pair of matching spruce top arrangements on each side of your doorstep is enough to get the job done. If this is the route you decide to go, remember that bigger is often better. Having multiple textures and leaf shapes helps the arrangement stay eye-catching among surrounding décor. Additionally, a splash of red in the form of berries, ornaments, or lights set against the greenery of your arrangement is always a plus.

Endless options await those looking for the perfect way to spruce up their doorstep this holiday season. Contact Sunnyside Gardens to check out all the live greenery that’ll get you one of these great looks, or help you invent one of your very own. From berries to spruce tops, wreaths, and pre-made pots, this store has the front porch decorations you need to achieve the perfect holiday look and feel for your entire home.

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