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October 29, 2023

Tree top pot time!-CARE INSTRUCTIONS

The temperatures are just right for assembling your outdoor containers!

Tree Top Pot Class

The temperatures are just right for assembling your outdoor containers! The winter season is the longest here in MN, so keep in mind that these pots will sit the longest on your doorstep….without water or care! (That’s a bonus!)


South facing? Add a spritz of wilt stop or wilt pruf to your pots to keep them extra green.

Tree Tops and Living Evergreens-Tips to prevent WINTER BURN
Stop your greens from browning out. Spritz on your living arborvitae, boxwood or other evergreens in the landscape, or use on your cut seasonal stems of greenery.
Wilt Stop/ Wilt Pruf is an all natural product that will protect evergreens through the sunny winter days when they are busy photosynthesizing.
Additionally, keep watering the base of your landscape plants until the ground freezes solid. This helps to give your landscape plants enough moisture to make it through the winter. If you have cut greens and the temperatures are above 40 degrees, sprinkle some water over the tops of the greens to keep them from drying out. (For tree tops we use a watering can or a hose on spray mode.)

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