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Honeycrisp Apples

Hello - a few years ago I purchased a honeycrisp apple tree.



Hello – a few years ago I purchased a honeycrisp apple tree. Since then the tree has gotten bigger and I’m failing at harvesting a crop due to pests. Can you suggest the right spray and treatment program to help ensure good apples? I believe my main issue is apple maggot. I’ve tried the tanglefoot traps and spray but somehow the product, spray schedule or my overall approach has not been strong enough. Can you point me to the best resource? Attached are two pics one from june 13, the other from July 6. Thanks. Travis


I too have a three year old honey crisp and had some success with this spray last year. (Above is a link to Orchard Spray by Bonide.) We carry it in the spring and seems we are out now. I would recommend starting a spray regimen as soon as the flowers are on the tree.
This year I’ve moved to using a product from Bonide called Horticultural Dormant Spray that is organic and should help protect from pests and disease (I would use Orchard Spray if we had it).
I hope this helps! I’m just trying to figure out apple trees as well.
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