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May 26, 2015

3 Reasons You Need to Go Tropical This Summer

We love tropical plants.

Orange hibiscus flower

We love tropical plants. What’s not to love? The color, variety, and creative possibilities make these plants very attractive to both the experienced as well as the beginning gardener. So why do you need to go tropical this summer?tropicals2

  1. It’s not the heat so much as it is the humidity. Minnesota summers are ideal for tropical plants. If you’ve heard (and we all have) “it’s not the heat so much as it is the humidity,” it’s not hard to see why tropical plants would thrive in our warmer months.
  1. Pamper your patio. Tropical plants are ideal for layering or planting solo. Either can have a dramatic effect on your outdoor area. Add a little luxury with some color and texture and make your outside living space the place to be this summer. From Croton Petra to Mandevilla ‘Alice Dupont,’ foliage or flowering tropical plants set your summer up to feel like a season-long vacation, giving you a hint of the exotic on your own home-base.
  2. Tropicals can be the solution to failed plantings. If you have tried every annual plant and fried them all, talk to us about best, drought tolerant tropicals. Some tropicals can thrive and work well even if neglected while you go to the cabin for the weekend. 

There you have it, folks! There simply isn’t a reason not to add a little extra life to your summer this year. Swing into Sunnyside soon!

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