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April 19, 2019

A Little Springspiration

It's Spring.

Ferns and Succulent Planters in the Greenhouse

It’s Spring. If you weren’t sure, just take a look at the high schoolers in their shorts at the bus stop. These seemingly crazy kids have the ability to predict future weather patterns and display the information to us each morning. It’s true.

There are a lot of things that Sunnyside specializes in. Seasonally, our inventory changes and we see our customers switch modes with the weather. Right now it’s Spring. Pansies, Herbs, Seeds and Cold or Cole Crops are what you want, and we have ‘em.

mikeyoutubeHerbs are the most exciting addition you can make to your kitchen right now. The 3 ½” pots are lush, flavorful and aromatic.  Imagine coming home to the smell of sweet basil or calming lavender. It’s the same luxury we get to experience in the greenhouses every day.

You can snip and harvest your herbs for quick, fresh additions to your cooking. You can take in great deep breaths of your healthy plants for some instant aromatherapy. And for those of you who want organic, we have organic herbs too. Keep your herbs warm and healthy in your sunny window until you can move ‘em out for the warmer weather that is in our future.

8E8C2292A special shout out to all the cool teens who are driving our passion for warm weather gardening by inspiring us to THINK SPRING! I may not have my shorts on, but I have basil in my kitchen window.

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