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November 28, 2017

Christmas tree…how lovely are your branches.

Christmas Tree Holiday decorating at it's best!

Christmas Tree Lot

Christmas Tree

Holiday decorating at it’s best!  The Christmas tree can be a unique expression of you and your family.  Sentimental items hung from every branch.  Your signature lights wrapped, dangled or clipped to the branches. Memories from Christmases past ignite story telling sessions with loved ones.

What’s the best type of tree to choose? It’s different for everyone. Some families like to choose the same size and variety tree every year. Some folks like to test the market for what’s new, different or priced for their budget.

Frasers are the premium tree for Minnesotans. Grown locally or in Appalachia and transported here, they are known for their shape and strong needle. These trees are dense and heavy!

Balsams are a North woods tree that smells strong and is distinctly local to us. When a customer wants a good smelling tree, we always point them toward Balsam.

Canaan firs are a good blend between having a strong scent and stronger needle. They have less dense branching for those of you who have many many ornaments and need a little more air!

Wild Frasers are an unsheered, open branched tree with long boughs that can hold several ornaments a piece. This is a unique looking tree that has become quite trendy over the years.

No matter the size or shape of your tree the result is sure to be magnificent.

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