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July 9, 2012

Fertilize to Keep ’em Pretty!

Sometimes dirt, water, sunshine and love aren't enough to get flowers and veggies to reach their fullest potential.

Sometimes dirt, water, sunshine and love aren’t enough to get flowers and veggies to reach their fullest potential.

At this time of year, garden novices and professionals alike are reaching a point where their store bought soils are loosing of all their nutrients. Think of it this way, the harder you work in your garden, the hungrier you are when you get back inside- same goes for plants!

Once your flowers or veggies are established and are just about ready to bloom (or have been), its best to treat them with a liquid or water soluble fertilizer once every two weeks. Fertilizer with an elevated phosphorus level aids in pushing flowers to bloom sooner, longer and (in some varieties) bigger!

We offer natural and chemical options for plant fertilizing at Sunnyside Gardens. Stop in to pick up the product that meets your (and your plants’)  needs!

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