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April 29, 2013

Flavorama! Herb Care 101

Sun, heat, water, trimming and organic fertilizer.

Sun, heat, water, trimming and organic fertilizer.HERBS1

Sun: Herbs thrive in a sunny location and become difficult to keep healthy when put indoors or in shady places.  In addition to stimulating leaf production, the sun will dry damp foliage and keep fungus problems at bay.

Heat:  In many southern climates the herbs that we grow here in MN only in the summer are perennials.  Don’t get jealous, we just need to take a lesson from our southern neighbors when is come to herb plant care.  Basil in particular enjoys the heat and cannot tolerate temperatures below 55.  Make sure if you’re buying plants early that you have a plan for when spring temps swing low. Plan A-Bring herbs indoors.  Plan B-Cover herbs with a thick cotton cloth or fabric.

Water: Keeping herbs well watered and in well drained soil is key.  Regular watering in the heat of summer will keep the plants growing.  That’s a pretty basic principal to adhere to for all plants, but what some people don’t know is that water on foliage can be problematic.  If possible, water early in the morning so that plants have a chance to dry off during the day.  A few herbs, like mint and lemon balm can tolerate pretty wet locations.

Trimming: Regular snipping or harvesting of your herbs will keep the plant from putting energy into flower production and will stimulate lateral foliage growth.  More new growth leaves=more flavorful additions to your cooking.

Organic Fertilizer:  We believe that water keeps plants alive and fertilizer keeps them happy.  We recommend organic especially if the plants are intended on being part of your food.


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