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July 27, 2017

How to Propagate Succulents

Turn one succulent plant into many!

succulent propagation

Turn one succulent plant into many! Succulent propagation is an easy and fun way to grow more succulents from the ones that you already have. Ready to make more plants? Follow these simple instructions to propagate succulents from leaves.

1. Remove the Leaf

Remove the lower leaves of your succulent. Make sure you avoid ripping the leaf and leaving the base attached to the stem. You will need the entire leaf with the base to grow roots for a new plant. To do so, hold the leaf firmly and gently twist off of the stem.

2. Let It Dry

After you have your leaf removed from the succulent, let it dry for 1-3 days. This step is essential. The end should dry out so it doesn’t absorb too much water and die when it is placed in the soil.

3. Place in Soil

If the leaf is dry enough, it is time to place it on top of some cactus or succulent soil. Keep indoors with plenty of direct sunlight.

4. Water It

Even though most full grown succulents don’t need to be watered often, the cuttings do. Give them a good watering once a week or whenever the soil is completely dry. We recommend to use a spray bottle to get the top of the soil wet and avoid over watering.

5. Cover Roots with Soil

After a few weeks of watering, roots and new leaves should start to sprout. Keep the roots covered in soil as the plant begins to grow. If they dry out, it will be difficult for them to continue growing.

6. Be Patient

Sometimes it can take months to a year to grow your succulent to a normal size. Just follow be consistent with your watering pattern and soon you will be rewarded with a new succulent plant!

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