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May 16, 2017

May Gardening Calendar

There is MUCH on the garden to do list for May.

Garden Gardener Mulch Walking Path Stones

There is MUCH on the garden to do list for May.

May is for Mulch as well as planting flowers.

May is a busy time in the garden center because it’s a busy time in your yard for everything that’s growing. You are planting, creating, and relaxing in your garden space. The season for bulbs is ending and perennials are rapidly taking their place. Weeds are also taking hold and springing up from the nice warm soil. It’s time to act fast and get a protective layer of mulch down to suppress the weeds. Mulching takes a lot of the work out of gardening by creating a barrier between the dirt and the above ground growing zone.
The most effective mulch applications are at least three inches deep and are followed by a layer of preen (weed preventer).

Other Garden Tips

Seeds and Vegetable display, text "The seedy part of town."

Seed Starting

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Perennial Section Sign

Bee & Butterfly Boulevard Beds

We’re creating Bee-friendly and Butterfly-attracting boulevard gardening options! A Garden with a Greater Purpose An effective way to garden with a greater goal is to…

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Close up of the green leaves of a citronella (mosquito) plant

Mosquito-Repellent Plants

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