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June 5, 2014

Sarah’s Summer Planter

Sarah shows us what goes into her favorite planter at Sunnyside this week.

Mini Moss Basket Arrangement

Sarah shows us what goes into her favorite planter at Sunnyside this week. She began by choosing plants that, while common separately, together create a truly exceptional summer planter.

SummerPlantersUsing purple Fountain Grass, Pandanus Plant, New Guinea Impatiens, Echeveria, Wire Vine, trailing Alyssum, and lemon-lime Petunias, Sarah constructs a beautiful showpiece that will continue to evolve beautifully all summer long. With variations in height, color, texture, and placement – this is an inspired planter.

Not only visually enticing, this planter is hardy, water-efficient, and easy-to-maintain. Allowing even those whose thumbs aren’t perfectly green to reap the benefits of a beautiful, portable garden that can dress up any outdoor space.

Stop in soon and select one of our pre-made planters, or talk to us – we are more than happy to help you choose the best plants for you to put together your own. So come on, brighten up that summer with your friends at Sunnyside!

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