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April 15, 2018

Spring Sweet Spring

Spring is arriving with her later than usual April showers this week.

Garden Center Plaza in Spring

8E8C1990Spring is arriving with her later than usual April showers this week. The challenging weather can make it hard to get out and enjoy your garden, but here at Sunnyside we kick off the early season with plants and gardening that you can do in any weather. Early season plants and planters are an essential part of bringing the happiness of spring to your front door or garden. Pansies and violas are by far the most popular, cold hardy spring plants and we have hundreds of pansy bowls to choose from. There are a few accent plants and accoutrements that can easily add to your spring arrangement. Some of our favorite accents are the Sweet flag grass, and creeping Jenny. To add some height, drama and structure to your planter you can add pussy willow, dogwood, or curly willow. Create your own or come in and see our variety of creatively arranged spring planters.

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 11.48.10 AMIndoor to outdoor plants also play a big role in getting your hands in the dirt before Mother Nature lets you get out to dig in the garden. Succulents and herbs are a great way to start; they are perfect for the kitchen window and will thrive later when you move them outdoors to the patio or garden. Succulents continue to be a fan favorite! They are very easy to grow and work well in mixed planters. We have tons of different varieties of succulents, making it easy to create a garden of contrasting colors and textures that will last throughout the heat of the summer and can be placed in a sunny window during the winter months.

Start the gardening season early with herbs. Just grow them in a sunny window while the temperatures are still chilly, then move them out to your garden and they will feed you all summer. Harvesting herbs, actually pinching back their new growth (and using it for cooking) helps them keep producing new food! Some herbs such as basil, thyme, cilantro, and dill, like to make seeds, and its our job as urban farmers to pinch them back and not let them go to seed. This will force them to make new foliage (food). Sunnyside Gardens has a complete selection of herbs with over 15 kinds of our local favorites.

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