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May 1, 2018

Strawberry Fields Forever

Gardening for life!

Gardening for life! Growing plants that produce fruit is delightful for your spirit and your dish of ice cream.

Strawberries are probably one of the most enjoyable fruits you can buy in the grocery store and they are easy to grow as well. Make strawberry jam, freeze your crop so they last longer, or just eat them whole.

What do you need to know about strawberries?

One plant can produce 1 to 3 pints of strawberries a year. A single plant will make fruit for around 5 years while also sending out shoots to multiply it’s population. Sunnyside carries two everbearing varieties of strawberries that will produce fruit all season long. They are self pollinating so you only need the one variety to make berries. Fragoo and Albion are the varieties currently in stock at Sunnyside Gardens.

How to plant strawberries:

Plant your strawberry field in at least 8 hours of sun, mix in peat moss when planting and spread sand around the ground 1” thick to help prevent slugs. TIP: strawberries have shallow roots, so water well to get them established. Cover with straw in the winter to insulate them.

Don’t have a garden?

Don’t fret! Strawberries are available in portable hanging baskets too. Basket strawberries are a good choice for patios and decks and are usually planted with several plants to produce a high yield. Please make note that they will overwinter in MN only when planted in the ground.

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