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March 26, 2013

Succulent Gardening

We take all sorts of gardening seriously around here.

We take all sorts of gardening seriously around here. It’s no coincidence that our first group of plants to arrive would be some of our favorites, the succulents. If we can’t dig outside, we can certainly green up the indoors, right?! With the sun getting higher and daylight hours lengthening, we can more safely care for our houseplants. Trendy desert plants like cacti and succulents thrive in a sunny window sill. When indoors, we recommend that you water these arid plants only on sunny days and when the soil is dry.

Our oldest and most loved greenhouse, aka #1, is clean, heated and filling up quickly.

Tips for success to grow a healthy succulent you need:

1. A container with drainage.

2. Sandy, well drained potting mix. Cactus mix preferred.

3. A sunny location and temperatures above 55 degrees.

4. Fertilizer every 8-10 weeks (skipping winter months as the plant slows down growth with decreased light) we recommend Scotts Liquid Cactus Fertilizer



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