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May 31, 2015

The Garden That Keeps On Giving – Perennials

You know what’s awesome?

Watering Spring Flowers

You know what’s awesome? Gardening (you had to see that coming). You know what’s awesome-r? When your garden gardens FOR you.

Every gardener has a few tricks up their sleeves, but the all-time champion is when you find a perennial that you really love. Perennials become a true expression of your style. They are also much more than a simple fixture in your garden.

Think about it, as you grew up, did you have memories of different plants that would bloom in the spring in your parents’, neighbors’, or grandma’s garden? Does a certain smell or flower take you to another place and time? Do you have perennials already at your home that have become part of your experience with each summer, consistent but reborn each year? Yup, us too!

8E8C5714-2And that’s why this year we’re so excited about Perennial Fest! Stop by and choose from 25 different perennials at $7.99 each. Hey, not bad for a lasting memory for both you and those around you.

So stop by, come on in, and get planting some memories today!

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