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October 20, 2014

Weekend Garden Warrior Plan

The time you get to spend with family and friends on the weekend, or whatever your days off end up being, go quickly.

The time you get to spend with family and friends on the weekend, or whatever your days off end up being, go quickly. We don’t want to be unrealistic about setting you up for hours upon hours of garden labor, but we want to save you time in the spring by offering some suggestions about what to do now to be successful.

Quick tricks to get your yard prepared for winter.

Water your evergreens!  Get them ready for winter sun and months of photosynthesizing with big gulps of water this time of year.

Repot your tropical houseplants that are outside and get them inside in a sunny window.  We’ve all spent frantic dark chilly nights trying to bring in our green buddies for Winter.  Don’t wait until the last minute, do it right!  Do it right now.

Jog up and down your lawn with a spreader full of fall fertilizer.  This is a quicker project than you think and when you think that fertilizer is like vitamins for your lawn, rest assured it’s going to be totally worth it.

Cut back powdery mildew plants and dispose of leaves and stems away from your garden.  This will keep mildew spores from hanging around until next year.

Spray your evergreens with rabbit repellant.  Get armed for winter rabbit season with a couple bottles of rabbit scram and Liquid Fence.  You’ll want to reapply off and on all winter long.  Sipping your coffee is going to be so much more enjoyable on an early winter morning when you don’t have to watch bunny foo foo enjoying your lush salad bar through the window.



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