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Lemon Cyprus Plants

Lemon Cyprus

At Sunnyside Gardens, you will often see the bright green, conical shaped Lemon Cyprus in our summer-time custom containers. But we also love them as…

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Cyclamen Plants


Cyclamen are excellent little houseplants, easy to care for and long blooming. With beautiful flowers and interesting leaves, Cyclamen do well in low light situations,…

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Calathea Lancifolia

One of the very best indoor ornamental houseplants, Calathea Lancifolia has long, medium green leaves with dark decorative spots. The undersides of the leaves are…

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Philodendron Prince of Orange Plants

Philodendron Prince of Orange

This new philodendron variety features new growth that unrolls a bright, copper-orange color and fades to green as the plant matures.

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Norfolk Island Pine Plants

Norfolk Island Pine

Not just for the holidays! The Norfolk Island Pine makes a wonderful houseplant year-round. Easy to care for and lovely to look at with a…

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Dracaena Lemon Surprise Plants

Dracaena Lemon Surprise

Lemon Surprise has dark green, chartreuse, and white leaves that have a slight twist or curl, giving this houseplant a little extra interest.

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Pothos Silver Satin Plants

Pothos Silver Satin

Silver Satin Pothos has dark green leaves that have abundant silvery markings and a velvet-like sheen. Tolerates low light (but grows well in medium- and…

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Calathea Fusion White Plants

Calathea Fusion White

Showy plant with variegated marbled white/green color on the surface of the leaves and light purple color on the under leaves.

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Pothos Neon Plants

Pothos Neon

A new addition to the pothos family. It’s very bright chartreuse foliage really stands out in any home and is especially great in a hanging…

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