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tradescantia red cloud perennial

Tradescantia ‘Red Cloud’ (Spiderwort)

Dark green, grassy foliage gives way to reddish-violet flowers that bloom in abundence, even in dense shade.

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dicentra burning hearts bleeding heart perennial

Dicentra ‘Burning Heart’ (Bleeding Heart)

Similar to ‘King of Hearts’ with its ferny foliage and all-season bloom time, ‘Burning Hearts’ features dainty clusters of bright blood red heart shaped flowers…

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monarda grand parade bee balm perennial

Monarda ‘Grand Parade’ (Bee Balm)

The shortest (and easiest to manage) Monarda on the market, ‘Grand Parade’ grows only 16-20″ tall and features an abundence of pink-purple flowers atop dense…

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monarda grand marshall perennial bee balm

Monarda ‘Grand Marshall’ (Bee Balm)

Luminous pink flower clusters cover this monarda favorite in mid-summer. A compact variety that stand up well to wind and harsh weather, ‘Grand Marshall’ is…

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Athyrium filix-femina lady fern perennial shade

Lady Fern

(Athyrium felix-femina) Light green, lacy leaves about 26″ tall are cut twice and grow from a dense central base. An excellent selection due to its…

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athyrium ghost fern perennial shade

Ghost Fern

(Athyrium ‘Ghost’) A vigorous selection, ‘Ghost’ features silver white fronds and a decidedly upright habit.  The white overlay of the foliage gives this perennial a…

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japanese painted fern perennial shade

Japanese Painted Fern

(Athyrium ‘Pictum’) This 2004 Perennial of the Year is hands down one of the showiest ferns on the market.    Growing 12 to 18″ tall,…

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ribbon grass perennial ornamental

Ribbon Grass

(Phalaris) Also called ‘Strawberries and Cream,’ this excellent variety of ribbon grass grows to about 30″ in height and has attractive, multi-textured leaves that are…

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miscanthus strictus porcupine grass ornamental perennial

Porcupine Grass

(Miscanthus sinensis ‘Strictus’)  The green blades on this amazing specimen are heavily highlighted by dramatic, horizontal golden stripes.  Reddish bronze plumes rise above foliage reaching…

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