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Landscape Maintenance

Protecting tender plants

Some plants aren’t as tough as others.This can be a grim fact to face for northern gardeners. We invest our sweat, lower backs and money into certain plants only to see them crumple and die by the cold hands of our Minnesota winter.

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powdery mildew aster

How to Prevent & Treat Plant Fungus

In mid to late summer, some plant problems, like fungus, can start to become noticeable. Fungal diseases can look ugly, but don’t worry – they are not…

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fertilizer for annual plants

Fertilizing Annual Plants

Just like humans, your annual plants are living things that need food to help them grow. Along with sunlight and water, it is important that…

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multicolored tomatoes

All plants need food. The ones we eat, look at & walk on.

Feed your yard and garden; it’s hungry and would love for you to adopt a regular dinner schedule.  The thanks you get will be a green…

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Water your evergreens

We are in the middle of a dry Fall, so I must advise everyone that you water your evergreens well this week! El niño-unseasonably warm…

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Keep the weeds from winning this season by applying a dose of Preen weed prevention.  No, I don’t get paid to say that, but maybe…

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