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July 12, 2019

Milky Spore-Organic Control for Japanese Beetles

10 years worth of Grub control!!-That's insane!

10 years worth of Grub control!!-That’s insane!

Japanese beetles can destroy your plants in the landscape and their larval stage can also trash your lawn. Use this product and you will see healthier lawns. Get your neighborhood to use this product and you will begin to see less and less beetles. The investment is small considering it’s 10 years worth of GRUB control. Milky Spore is a natural bacterial that kills the grub stage of adult Japanese beetles. Developed by USDA in the 1940s, Milky Spore can last up to 15 years in the soil. St. Gabriel Organics guarantees the product to last 10 years in the soil. Safe to use around people and pets, will not harm the environment. Not harmful to bees. Apply with a walk behind spreader (which we will loan you) and water in. This product can be applied anytime the soil is not frozen...resisting MN frozen tundra joke. Stop in to Sunnyside for a big bag of Milk Spore.  We will order more each week to keep you and us in good supply.

  • All natural, all season grub control
  • Controls Japanese Beetles and grubs in the soil
  • Kills grubs above and below the ground
  • Does not harm bees

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