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April 22, 2023

Earth Day 2023: How the Sunnyside Team Invests in our Planet

Happy Earth Day 2023!

Sunnyside Gardens Earth Day Bingo card

Sunnyside Gardens Earth Day Bingo card

Happy Earth Day 2023! Today is a reminder to both appreciate this earth that we’ve been given, but also of our responsibility to care for and protect it. The Sunnyside Gardens team is passionate about caring for our planet both in our personal lives, as well as through the gardening lifestyle and products we love at the garden center.

So much so, that we participate in an Earth Day BINGO challenge created by one of our own team members. If you’re interested in seeing how our team participates in Earth Day or would like to follow along for fun, access & download the full Sunnyside Gardens Earth Day BINGO card here!


Additionally, here are a few ways you can personally use your own gardening hobby and lifestyle to help #investinourplanet:

  • Focus on pollinator-friendly plants & landscapes
  • Grow you own veggies, herbs and fruits
  • Plant a tree to improve air quality, create habitat and potentially even reduce summer cooling costs
  • Opt for a lawn alternative like Dutch White Clover that’s both heat tolerant & pollinator-friendly

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